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Децл (Кирилл Толмацкий).jpg
Detsl in 2007
Background information
Birth nameKirill Aleksandrovich Tolmatsky[2]
Also known asDetsl, Le Truk, Juzeppe Jostko
Born(1983-07-22)22 July 1983
Moscow, Russian SFSR
Died3 February 2019(2019-02-03) (aged 35)
Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia
GenresRussian hip hop, reggae, ragga, spoken word
Years active1999–2019
Associated actsBad Balance, Timati

Kirill Aleksandrovich Tolmatsky (Russian: Кири́лл Алекса́ндрович Толмацкий; 22 July 1983 – 3 February 2019),[3] better known by his stage names Detsl (Russian: Децл) and Le Truk, was a Russian hip hop artist.


The son of Russian media producer and creative director Alexandr Tolmatsky (born 12 May 1960), he was born in Moscow, graduated from the British International School and then studied in Switzerland where he was introduced to hip hop music by a roommate and decided to become a rapper himself.[4] Upon his return to Moscow, he launched his solo career under the guidance and mentorship of his father who co-produced his debut and a follow-up record. During that time, he also collaborated with the hip hop collective Bad Balance.[1]

He made his debut on the Russian rap scene in 1999 under the stage name Detsl (a Russian slang word meaning 'a little, not much'[5]), releasing a track Friday along with a music video. In 2000, he released his debut album Who? You to massive success and quickly became a teen idol of the early 2000s in Russia.[6][7] In 2001, his second album Street Fighter was released.[8] Having performed for three years as Detsl, he decided to distance himself from the early material, releasing his eponymous third record in 2004 as Le Truk. However, he returned to his previous stage name on the next two albums and used Detsl aka Le Truk moniker for all his releases starting from 2014.[9]


He died on 3 February 2019 in Izhevsk at the age of 35 from a sudden heart attack after performing his live set at a private birthday party.[3] Coincidentally, he entertained the idea of faking his own death and disappearing at exactly the same age in the 2007 and 2015 interviews to news media agencies before the concert in the same city he would actually die in.[10] The last post on Instagram was his own picture, written in oil on canvas, the inscription on it reads: “RIP RGB”, and in the caption to the work explanation: conspiracy theory collection. The farewell ceremony was held on February 6 in Moscow at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Office of the Presidential Affairs. Buried at the Pyatnitskoye Cemetery.


Original title Transliterated title Translation Year of release
Кто? ты Kto? ty Who? You 2000
Уличный боец Ulichny boyets Street Fighter 2001
aka Le Truk --- --- 2004
MosVegas 2012 --- --- 2008
Здесь и сейчас Zdes i seychas Here and Now 2010
Dancehall Mania --- --- 2014
MXXXIII (10:33) --- --- 2014
Favela Funk EP --- --- 2016
Не важно, кто там у руля Ne vazhno, kto tam u rulya Doesn't Matter Who's In Charge There 2018

Who are you?(2000)[edit]

  1. Party at Detsl's Home
  2. All You Need Is Beat
  3. Princess
  4. Moscow-New York
  5. Who Are You?
  6. Hope for Tomorrow
  7. Tears
  8. Black Serpent
  9. 12 Angry Viewers
  10. Blood, My Blood
  11. We're Chillin'
  12. Friday

Street Fighter (2001)[edit]

  1. Street Fighter
  2. Letter
  3. Don't Try to Get rid of Me
  4. In Love
  5. Sea
  6. Street Dogs
  7. Rhymes in English
  8. MC Fist
  9. Politicians
  10. Fiasco
  11. No To War
  12. 8th Day of Spring

Le Truk (2004)[edit]

  1. Intro
  2. Moscow
  3. Skit
  4. Rap Is
  5. Skit Police
  6. Legalize
  7. Lets Puff Some
  8. Skit Money
  9. Bitches
  10. Party #2
  11. Represent
  12. Rap For Real
  13. Pizness
  14. Skit Babylon Shall Fall
  15. War in a Me Backyard
  16. Love After Love
  17. Personality
  18. God Does Exist
  19. Moscow (Remix)
  20. Night feat. Karina Serbina
  21. Hidden Track

MosVegas 2012 (2008)[edit]

  1. Intro
  2. Original Doctors
  3. Dangerous
  4. Integration
  5. MosVegas Style
  6. Street Music
  7. Sweet Fog
  8. I Have a Plan
  9. One More Chance
  10. Jah Unites Us
  11. Wow
  12. Little Time Left!
  13. Outro
  14. Time To Get It On
  15. On and On
  16. Just Movin’
  17. Track 17

Here and Now (2010)[edit]

  1. Beginning
  2. Warriors of Light
  3. Creators
  4. Tired
  5. Ice
  6. This World
  7. Be Yourself
  8. Give Me
  9. Astral
  10. Calm Down
  11. Hoolahoop
  12. Dancehallmania
  13. Criminal
  14. Connection

Dancehall Mania (2014)[edit]

  1. Chessgane (feat. Medicine Man)
  2. Fire (feat DaVille)
  3. Keep On Moving (feat, Check)
  4. Party (feat Soul 4 Soul)
  5. Superstar (Imal)
  6. Call the Back Up (feat. Jah Bari)
  7. Wake Up Caribbean (feat. Medicine Man, DaVille, Check, Soul 4 Soul, Imal & Jah Bari)
  8. Wind & Grind (feat. Medicine Man, DaVille, Check, Soul 4 Soul, Imal & Jah Bari)
  9. Confuse (feat. Soul 4 Soul)
  10. Give Me More (feat. Imal)
  11. Dancehall Syndicate (feat. Medicine Man, DaVille, Check, Soul 4 Soul, Imal & Jah Bari)


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