Deus (video game)

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Developer(s) Silmarils
Publisher(s) ReadySoft
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, DOS
Release December 31, 1996[1]
Genre(s) Survival simulation
Mode(s) Single-player

Deus is a 1996 survival simulation game developed by Silmarils and published by ReadySoft. It is the sequel to Robinson's Requiem.


The player again assumes the role of Robinson's Requiem protagonist Officer Trepliev, who has become a bounty hunter for the Alien World Exploration department[2] and has to save a scientific research station from a group of terrorists called the New Crusaders.[2][3]


Like Robinson's Requiem, the game features complex health monitoring and surgery systems; however, the game now contains an optional "action mode", which removes these systems.


Deus' critical reception was mixed. Computer Gaming World found the realism of the simulation mode to be overwhelming, and described the game's action mode as "dull".[3] PC Gamer US's Scott Wolf said that the game's "[i]rritations [...] outweigh any enjoyment you might find".[2] PC Gamer UK offered a dissenting opinion; despite calling the initial learning curve "alpine", the reviewer wrote, "After a while [...] Deus suddenly starts being fun. You begin to get the hang of the interface, and start to get into the plot".[4]


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