Deus Vitae

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Deus Vitae
Genre Science fiction
Written by Takuya Fujima
Published by Kodansha
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Magazine Z
Original run August 23, 2000[1]April 23, 2002[2]
Volumes 3
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Deus Vitae, or D'V (ディーヴァ, DīVa) is a manga series created by Takuya Fujima.


In 2068, Leave, a powerful android, is created by the Brain Computer and raised by the human scientist Fenrir to be the new root of mankind; the "Goddess", deciding that the previous human beings are no longer useful, wipes them out and creates four "mothers", each one in charge of a different quarter of the world, and a new race of androids, the Selenoids, classified in castes depending on their strength.

Ash Ramy is one of the few human survivors, member of the Revolutional Organization; after killing a high-ranking Selenoid, he escapes with the help of Lemiu Winslet, one of the lower ranking Selenoids, who joins his fight against the new Goddess.


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