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Deutsche Schule der Borromäerinnen Alexandria (DSBA; Arabic: المدرسة الألمانية للقديس سان شارل بورومي بالإسكندرية‎) is a German school in Alexandria, Egypt.[1] In the ranks of the three German schools in Egypt, the DSB Alexandria enjoys high esteem in Egyptian society, and also in Germany.[citation needed] This excellent reputation is based on an over 120-year tradition.[citation needed]

It all began 1882 when Pater Ladislaus Schneider 'a priest' wanted a school for German and Austrian children in Alexandria.

A year later a rich man named Wilhem Pelizäus came to the aid of the sisters and rented a building.

With the enlargement of the spectrum of students was in 1894 a curriculum in accordance with the model of a higher school daughters introduced.

After the expulsion of the German sisters in the First World War they returned in 1922 in Alexandria to work again. Already in 1911, was a commercial class where the students learned accounts, shorthand and typewriting, and deepened their skills in foreign languages to a secure life.
In 1924, the first German secular, appointed by the Foreign Office undertook their service as teachers at the school. Continuously, the number of German teachers in parallel with the ever growing number of pupils increased.

In 1946 after World War II, Arabic became an official language taught at school.
In 1956, the first test for ripeness at the Middle school. In 1967 students presented for the first time the Egyptian Thanawaya Amma examination (Abitur Egyptian).

The DSB Alexandria presents itself as a general education school with a classic, the German Abitur and branches with a practice-oriented industry (technical college) dual training scale.

The German School offers lessons from the primary school until graduation or baccalaureate professionals for students from Alexandria to.

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