German Tennis Federation

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German Tennis Federation
Logo Deutscher Tennis Bund.svg
Sport Tennis
Abbreviation DTB
Founded 1902
Affiliation International Tennis Federation (ITF)
Regional affiliation Europe (TE)
Headquarters Hamburg
President Ulrich Klaus [1]
Official website

The German Tennis Federation (German: Deutscher Tennis Bund, short form: DTB) is the governing body of tennis federations and clubs in Germany.

It is the largest tennis federation in the world with more than 1,800,000 members.

Founded on 19 May 1902 in Berlin as the Deutscher Lawn Tennis Bund (DLTB) it is one of the oldest sport federations of the world. Its first president was Carl August von der Meden between 1902 and 1911.

It organises the International German Open at the Hamburger Rothenbaum, the Davis Cup and Fed Cup home matches.


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