Deutschland Cup (football)

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Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1990-1127-006, Fußball-Deutschland-Cup, FC Dynamo Dresden - FC Bayern München 1-0.jpg
Andreas Wagenhaus and Mario Kern of Dynamo Dresden celebrate winning the Deutschland Cup
Date 27 November 1990
Venue Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion, Dresden

The Deutschland Cup was a one-off football competition played in November 1990, to celebrate German reunification. The match was played one week after the dissolution of the East German football association and its merger with the German Football Association, and featured the reigning champions of East and West Germany, Dynamo Dresden and Bayern Munich respectively. The match, which was played at the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion in Dresden, was won 1–0 by Dynamo.

Hans-Uwe Pilz of Dynamo Dresden, and Olaf Thon of Bayern Munich in the Deutschland Cup.

Match details[edit]

Dynamo Dresden
Bayern Munich

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