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DevCodeCamp is a coding bootcamp based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,[1] with an additional campus location in Madison. DevCodeCamp offers 12-week[2] immersive and 20-week part time bootcamps for software development.


DevCodeCamp was founded in 2015[3] and was the first coding bootcamp in Wisconsin.[4] The school's headquarters is based in the Ward4 building in Milwaukee. Classes can also be taken in Madison. The full time bootcamp is completed within 12 weeks[5] and the part time bootcamp within 20 weeks. Once students complete the bootcamp they receive interview and resume training.[6]

Since fall 2017, benefits provided by the Forever GI Bill for veterans also cover tuition for DevCodeCamp.[7]

By March 2017, more than 100 students had graduated from DevCodeCamp.[3] Their average starting salary has been $50,000 per year.[8] Graduates have been hired by Rockwell Automation, Land's End, Milwaukee Brewers, U.S. Bank,[7] Zywave,[4] and Northwestern Mutual.[9]


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