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The Devadula lift irrigation scheme is a lift irrigation scheme in India.[1] It is the second biggest of its kind in Asia. Devadula is the place in Warangal District, Telangana, where the scheme's intake well is located.[2][3]

The Project[edit]

The project is specially designed to lift water from the River Godavari to irrigate more than 600,000 acres (2,400 km2) in the drought prone Telangana state, India. Later it was named after the politician J. Chokkarao as the 'J. Chokkarao Devadula lift irrigation scheme'. The total work was divided into three phases for executional convenience in the year 2003 .

The minimum river water level required is 73 m MSL in the river to pump the water whereas the non-monsoon / lean season river water level is below 71 m MSL. No downstream weir is yet constructed to build up the river minimum water level at this location of the river.

The maximum water lift is by 510 meters. The project operational requirement is 484 MW power and 1.4 billion KWh of electrical energy annually for pumping 38 Tmcft water.[4]

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