Devatha Manushya

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Devatha Manushya
Directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Produced by Parvathamma Rajkumar
Written by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Chi. Udaya Shankar (screenplay)
Starring Rajkumar
Music by Upendra Kumar
Cinematography V. K. Kannan
Edited by P. G. Mohan
Poornima Enterprises
Release date
Running time
137 min
Country India
Language Kannada

Devatha Manushya (Kannada: ದೇವತಾ ಮನುಷ್ಯ; English: Divine Person) is a 1988 Indian Kannada film directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. The film starred Rajkumar, Geetha and K. S. Ashwath in lead roles.[1] The movie is famous for its evergreen songs which was composed by Upendra Kumar. The film was a major success at the box-office upon its release. This was Rajkumar's 200th movie.


Krishna Murthy is a hard working driver who believes in living a simple life. His boss, a business tycoon, maintains a low profile about his business and does not reveal it to anybody. A high-profile robbery for a golden idol of Goddess has taken place and Krishna Murthy is blamed for it. Would he be able to breakaway from this blame and bring forward the criminal forms the rest of the story.



Devatha Manushya
Kannada film Devatha Manushya album cover.jpg
Soundtrack cover
Soundtrack album by Upendra Kumar
Released 1988
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 16:47
Label Lahari Music

Upendra Kumar composed the background score for the film and the soundtracks. Lyrics for the soundtracks were penned by Chi. Udaya Shankar. The album consists of five soundtracks.[2]

1."Hrudayadali Idenidhu"Chi. Udaya ShankarRajkumar, Manjula Gururaj4:56
2."Ninantha Appa Illa"Chi. Udaya ShankarRajkumar, B. R. Chaya4:50
3."Haalalladaru (Bit)"Chi. Udaya ShankarB. R. Chaya0:52
4."Ee Sogasaada Sanje"Chi. Udaya ShankarRajkumar, Vani Jairam4:02
5."Ide Jeevana"Chi. Udaya ShankarS. P. Balasubrahmanyam2:07
Total length:16:47


  1. Best Actor - Rajkumar


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