Devawongse Varopakarn

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Devan Uthayavongse
Prince of Siam
The Prince Devavongse Varoprakarn
Prince Devan Uthayavongse.jpg
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office 12 June 1885 – 28 June 1923
Predecessor Tuam Bunnag
Successor Traidos Praband
Born (1858-11-27)27 November 1858
Bangkok, Siam
Died 28 June 1923(1923-06-28) (aged 64)
Bangkok, Siam
Spouse Yai Sucharitakul
Ob Amatayakul
Puk Chandrasen
Issue 40 sons and daughters
House Chakri Dynasty
Father Mongkut (Rama IV)
Mother Piam Sucharitakul

Devan Uthayavongse (Thai: พระองค์เจ้าเทวัญอุไทยวงศ์) or The Prince Devavongse Varoprakarn (Thai: เทวะวงศ์วโรปการ; rtgsThewawongwaropakan; 27 November 1858 – 28 June 1923) was the second foreign minister of Siam from 1881–1923.

Born as son of King Mongkut and Princess Consort Piam with the given name Prince Devan Uthayavongse (เทวัญอุไทยวงศ์; rtgsThewan-u-thaiwong), he had the same parents as the 3 queens of King Chulalongkorn, Queen Sunandha Kumariratana, Queen Savang Vadhana and Queen Saovabha Bhongsi. Devavongse was the 42nd child of Kng Mongkut.

Institute of Foreign Affairs[edit]

The Institute of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom bears the name of the former minister and is supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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