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Development speed describes how fast a programmer can program. Most of the time development speed refers to the speed that a programmer can program with a particular programming language. It's a crucial factor of productivity of a programming language.[citation needed] Application speed is often compared with development speed when programming languages are discussed. For example, Python has a high development speed but a poor application speed.[citation needed] C has a low development speed but a good application speed.[citation needed]

Regardless of development effort, the human brain is a limited apparatus. Therefore, the complexity of what is being developed sets the maximum theoretical development speed.[citation needed] In addition to this, there are several other factors that enable or disable the full usage of the brain.[citation needed] The maximum speed of the human brain to solve a complex problem is throttled by environmental factors.[citation needed] Thus, making the environment free of disturbances is essential to free the brain of all kinds of obstacles, including emotional ones.[citation needed]