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Devian Paris 010508 02.jpg
Background information
Origin Sweden
Genres Death metal, black metal, thrash metal
Years active 2006-2011
Labels Century Media Records
Associated acts Marduk, Diabolical, Incinerator
Members Joinus
Tomas Nilsson
Carl Stjärnlöv
Emil Dragutinovic
Past members Legion
Marcus Lundberg
Roberth Karlsson

Devian was a Swedish metal band formed by Legion (former singer for Marduk) and Emil in 2006. Originally called Rebel Angels, then Elizium, and finally went to Devian after they found Elizium had been used too many times, and the new name sounded more mysterious and sinister.[1] They released two albums, Ninewinged Serpent in 2007, and God To The Illfated in 2008. Legion left the band in 2010 due to his job as a tattoo artist. After the other members tried and failed to keep Devian alive, they agreed to disband it.



  • Joinus - Guitar & Vocals
  • Tomas Nilsson - Guitar
  • Carl Stjärnlöv - Bass
  • Emil Dragutinovic - Drums

Former members[edit]

  • Legion - Vocals (2006–2010)
  • Marcus Lundberg - Guitar (2006–2007)
  • Roberth Karlsson - Bass (2007–2008)


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