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For the autoimmune disorder known as Devic's disease or Devic's syndrome, see Neuromyelitis optica.
For other uses, see Devic (disambiguation).
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Dream pop, alternative, Slowcore
Years active 1996–present
Labels Bella Union
Members Sara Lov (vocals)
Dustin O'Halloran (guitar/keyboards)
Edward Maxwell (Upright bass)
Theodore Liscinski (bass)
Evan Schnabel (drums)

Devics (stylized as Dévics) is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Sara Lov, Dustin O'Halloran, Ed Maxwell, Theodore Liscinski, and Evan Schnabel. Their music can be described as melancholic.

In 2008, Devics covered The Cure's "Catch" for the American Laundromat Records produced compilation Just Like Heaven - a tribute to The Cure. It was recorded by Pall Jenkins of the Black Heart Procession and included performances by Scott Mercado, Jimmy LaValle, Pall Jenkins as well as Dustin O'Halloran and Sara Lov.

The song "Key" is performed by the band in Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the fifth season, in an episode titled "Crush".


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