Devil's Food

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For the cake, see Devil's food cake.
Devil's Food
Compilation album by Supersuckers
Released April 5, 2005
Genre Rock and roll
Label Mid-Fi Recordings
Supersuckers chronology
Live at the Tractor Tavern
Devil's Food

Devil's Food is a singles compilation by the American rock and roll band Supersuckers, released in April 2005 on Mid-Fi records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Gato Negro"
  2. "Shake It Off"
  3. "Hey Ya"
  4. "Teenage Shutdown"
  5. "Doublewide" (country version)
  6. "Team Man"
  7. "Can Pipe"
  8. "Rubber Biscuit"
  9. "Born with a Tail" (country version)
  10. "Devil's Food"
  11. "Sail On"
  12. "Kid's Got It Comin'"
  13. "Eastbound & Down"
  14. "Then I'm Gone"
  15. "Flyin' Into the Mid-Day Sun"
  16. "End of an Era"