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Devil's Due Digital, Inc.
Industry Digital comics distributor
Founded 2010
Founder Mark Thompson, Josh Blaylock
Headquarters Miamisburg, Ohio, USA
Key people
Mark Thompson, Co-creator
Josh Blaylock, Co-creator
Josh Moody, Lead Designer
Drew VanLeeuwen, Designer
Tim Balzer, Marketing/Design

Devil’s Due Digital Inc. is an American digital publishing company established in 2010 by cofounders Mark Thompson of Checker Book Publishing Group and Josh Blaylock of Devil’s Due Publishing.


Devil’s Due Digital Inc., is the first major comic book publisher to state digital comics as its main business focus. Mark Thompson and Josh Blaylock are both comic book industry professionals who met years ago. The two Midwest publishers wanted to start a new trend in the comic book and graphic novel market by digitally distributing such content on multiple popular platforms. Blaylock left the company in 2011 severing all ties with Thompson, taking any association with all other Devil's Due entities with him, over concerns of the way the digital division was being managed.

In 2006, Blaylock with Devil’s Due Publishing was one of the earliest to have a dedicated downloadable comic book website,, which was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Blaylock was also one of the first comic book publishers to venture into the digital publishing codeveloping standalone apps in the Apple store for Devil’s Due’s Ninjatown[1] comic publication in 2008.

In 2009 following the economic recession, Devil's Due was accused of not paying several creative teams. In an article on the website Bleeding Cool, Rich Johnston spoke to the company's CEO, Blaylock, Specifically regarding Hack/Slash, who reported that a deal had been reach with creator Tim Seeley to move the book to Image Comics, with a plan to pay creators who had gone unpaid. As of January 2012 Tim Seeley notified the comic book press that those bills have been paid in full and he and Blaylock remain on good terms.[10]

In mid to late 2011 Josh Blaylock severed ties with Devil's Due Digital, Inc. and Mark Thompson, and Devil's Due Publishing original titles have since been removed from the various digital carriers. Thompson still owns and controls Devil's Due Publishing, Inc. and its associated trademarks and logos.

Stores and devices[edit]

Since early 2010, Devil’s Due Digital has been on several digital storefronts such as Comixology,[2], Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle,[3] Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Google Android,[4] Samsung Galaxy, Sony PSP, and many other outlets.


Devil's Due Digital has acquired digital licensing from Checker Book Publishing Group, Devil's Due Publishing, Bluewater Productions, Caliber Comics and many independent creators including Douglas Paszkiewicz, Jeff McComsey, and Mike Hoffman.


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