Devil's Gate (film)

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Devil's Gate
Devil's Gate FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Stuart St. Paul
Produced by Stuart St Paul
Jean Heard
Written by Stuart St Paul
Trevor Todd
Starring Laura Fraser
Callum Blue
Music by Mark Blackledge
Cinematography Malcolm McLean
Edited by Chris Joyce
Distributed by Echelon Entertainment
Release date
  • 2004 (2004)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Devil's Gate is a 2004 British film directed by Stuart St Paul. Upon learning of her father's illness the protagonist Rachael decides to travel home - despite having previously had no intent to ever visit the town again. Her feelings for the town derive from her mistreatment by her mother. Various tragedies occur which essentially trap her on the island - mysteries soon arise. Devil's Gate was mainly filmed on the islands of Shetland, due to the stark landscape.


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