Devil's Pie (software)

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Devil's Pie
Developer(s) Ross Burton/GNOME
Initial release 0.22 November 24, 2007; 9 years ago (2007-11-24) (it is essentially finished, not out of date)
Written in C
Operating system Linux, Solaris, BSD, other Unix-like
Platform most used in GNOME
Type X window manager
License GNU General Public License Version 2 or later

Devil's Pie is a window-matching utility that gives great control over the placement and properties over windows in the X Window System. Although it manages windows, it is not a window manager as it does not have any key bindings.[citation needed] It is usually used along with Metacity, as that window manager lacks many features that can be provided by Devil's Pie. However, it can be used with any window manager.


The default directory where Devil's Pie looks for scripts to run is the ".devilspie" directory in the user's home directory. All scripts must end with the .ds filename extension or they will not be recognized. When Devil's Pie senses that a new window has been created, it interprets each file ending with .ds in that directory.


gdevilspie is a very simple and useful GTK+ application that creates and manages Devil's Pie rules. it is available along with Devil's Pie in many Linux distributions and X11 OSs.


devilspie2 is a successor to Devilspie, replacing the rules of the original with Lua scripts.