Devil's Point, Devon

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Devil's Point Battery B

Devil's Point is located on the eastern side of the mouth of the River Tamar where it meets the English Channel at Plymouth Sound.[1] It is also known as Western Kings Point.[2] The Point marks the southwest extremity of East Stonehouse in Plymouth, England. On the opposite western shore of the Tamar is Mount Edgcumbe Country Park. To the immediate north is the Royal William Victualling Yard.

The area is a public park [3] and has a wealth of historical features. For centuries it has been used by friends and family to wave goodbye or welcome home to the crews of Royal Navy warships [4] as they transit the narrow waters adjacent to Devil's Point.


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Coordinates: 50°21′42″N 4°09′53″W / 50.3617°N 4.1647°W / 50.3617; -4.1647