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Devil Linux Login Screen
Developer DL team
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Kernel type Monolithic kernel
Official website

Devil-Linux is a Linux distribution for use as a router/firewall which boots and runs completely from CD-ROM, DVD or USB flash drive, after booting it can load the system into RAM. Devil-Linux is capable of running on an older[clarification needed] PC.

Devil-Linux does not provide a graphical interface, making it a very light-weight distribution. Nevertheless, it includes a wide range of services (e.g. DNS, Web, FTP, SMTP, ...), tools (MySQL, Lynx, Wget, Samba, ...) and security utilities (OpenVPN, Shorewall, ...) ensuring a high level of flexibility.[citation needed] Saving the configuration to a USB flash drive or (later write protected) floppy disk, the settings can be restored at boot.

It uses the grsecurity kernel-patch.[citation needed]

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