Devil Monkey

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Devil Monkey
Grouping Cryptid
Sub grouping Monkey
Other name(s) nalusa falaya
Country Canada, United States
Region Ohio, Louisiana,
New Brunswick, Alaska,
Illinois, Virginia; Colorado,
American Midwest

The Devil Monkey is a cryptozoological giant monkey reported on June 26, 1997 in Dunkinsville, Ohio. It was reportedly around 5 ft (~1.5 m) tall and had long, pointed ears. It appeared to be grey, had large, dark eyes, long arms, a short tail, and had hair all over its body about 1.5 in (~4 cm) long, and is reportedly aggressive.[1][2] On January 12, 2006, a similar creature was reported in Chicago, Illinois,[3] about the size and shape of a dog;[2] another such creature was reported in Roanoke, Virginia in the 1990s.[3] It apparently walked on its legs while using its knuckles one at a time; they have also been reported to sometimes move by jumping, have flat, rounded feet, and are sometimes reportedly mistaken for kangaroos or wallabies,[1] and often reported to resemble werewolves or baboons.[1] They have been reported from as far as Louisiana, New Brunswick, and Alaska, and have been included in Choctaw folklore. They have also been reported in the American Midwest.[2]


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