Devil in the Flesh (1986 film)

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Devil in the Flesh
Devil in the flesh poster.jpg
English-language theatrical poster
Directed by Marco Bellocchio
Produced by Leo Pescarolo
Screenplay by Marco Bellocchio
Ennio De Concini
Enrico Palandri
Based on Le Diable au corps by
Raymond Radiguet
Starring Maruschka Detmers
Federico Pitzalis
Music by Carlo Crivelli
Cinematography Giuseppe Lanci
Edited by Mirco Garrone
Distributed by Bac Films
Release dates
  • April 22, 1986 (1986-04-22)
Running time
114 min
Country Italy
Language Italian

Devil in the Flesh (original title: Il diavolo in corpo) is an Italian film released in 1986 and directed by Marco Bellocchio.

An adaptation of Raymond Radiguet’s novel Le Diable au corps, the film stars Federico Pitzalis as a high school student who falls in love with an older woman (played by Maruschka Detmers).


An Italian high school student named Andrea becomes infatuated with Giulia, an older woman he sees outside his classroom window. Giulia's fiancé, a leftist radical, has been jailed and is currently on trial for political crimes. Andrea and Giulia meet, and begin rendezvousing at her apartment, where a sexual relationship quickly unfolds. The situation is complicated when the fiancé's mother realizes this, and confronts Andrea's father. Andrea's father is a psychiatrist who treats patients with psychoanalysis. He has treated Giulia in the past. The psychiatrist finds himself a victim of Giulia's sexual advances, which he attributes to madness. As a passionate affair unfolds between Giulia and Andrea, the viewer is left wondering exactly how crazy Giulia really is, and whether Giulia had an affair with the boy's father as well. Intensity of passion between Giulia and Andrea builds towards the climax. Andrea's father confronts him about this affair, but Andrea doesn't back down. Giulia's husband is released from the jail. The Last ten minutes of this movie do a poetic justice to all the confusion and passion built up craftily in the movie.

Onscreen sexuality[edit]

One of the more notable aspects of the film is an extended (though darkly lit) scene in which the character played by Maruschka Detmers performs an unsimulated fellatio on the character played by Federico Pitzalis.[1]


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