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Devilish Presley
Jacqui Vixen Of Devilish Presley Live In 2008.jpg
Devilish Presley 2010
Background information
Origin London, England
Genres Deathrock, Gothic rock, Punk rock,
Years active 2002 - 2015
Labels November Tenth[1]
Website Devilish Presley
Members Jacqui Vixen
Johnny Navarro
Past members Ragborn Rosy
Pete Vincent

Devilish Presley was a British punk rock, gothic rock band from London.


Devilish Presley were a British goth, punk cult band that formed in East London in 2002. They released six albums on their own label November Tenth Records and toured constantly for eleven years building a small but loyal following from the goth, punk and psychobilly scenes in the UK and Europe.[2] Devilish Presley were briefly the house band at the London club Dead and Buried, run by DJ Cavey Nik. The band's Pity For Monsters Promotions were responsible for bringing many US and European deathrock bands to the UK for the first time.[3][4]

European tours and a publishing deal[edit]

During 2005/6 the band widenened their appeal a little and played at many punk and psychobilly gigs. Among the bands they supported were The Damned, The Misfits, The Meteors, The Horrorpops, The 5678's, Marky Ramone, Jayne County, The Vibrators. In 2006 they signed to the Wipe Out Music publishing company [5] who also publish Sleaford Mods and toured in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia[6] and both Northern and Southern Ireland. The single Hammer Horror Glamour (2005 from the Memphisto album) was featured on several cover-mount CDs including Big Cheese magazine (UK) and Zillo (Germany). The Memphisto[7] album became available on CD & iTunes in September 2006.

Halloween Queen the follow-up single to Hammer Horror Glamour was made available on iTunes in March 2007 and the band played a 25 date UK tour - their only one with a live drummer - Ragborn Rosy. After parting company with their drummer the band continued as a two-piece with a drum machine. In August 2007 yet another UK tour began taking in 22 dates. Support slots on this tour included The Meteors, The Peacocks, Demented Are Go, King Kurt, and several dates with Canadian band The Creepshow.

2008: Flesh Ride, European tours. 17 shows supporting The Damned[edit]

More European dates in Germany and Poland were followed by another UK tour[8] to promote "Voodoo Goddess" the first track taken from "Flesh Ride" (their fourth album). A promotional video for this track was filmed by Martin Baker at the Cross Kings pub in Kings Cross London. The video has been watched by over 12,000 people on various sites linked to YouTube[9] etc. In May 2008 Johnny did some dates playing guitar for P.Paul Fenech (The Meteors) when he undertook a European solo tour in Germany, Italy, and London. In August the band announced their new album "Flesh Ride" would be released on 31 October (Halloween) 2008 and would contain 15 tracks - as with "Memphisto" the cover photo was taken by noted Finnish born photographer Tina Korhonen. In November 2008 the band toured Europe again including a debut gig in (Romania) in the capital (Bucharest). In December 2008 the band were the UK tour support for The Damned[10] on 17 dates around the country [11]

2009: UK Tour in June to promote live DVD "Live Voodoo"[edit]

The band toured the UK in March and April 2009 to promote their "Flesh Ride" album. At one of these dates in Birmingham on 3 April - a live DVD was filmed. Entitled "Live Voodoo" it became the band's debut DVD. To promote the DVD (released on 15 June) a short UK tour took place throughout June. The DVD has since sold out.

2010: Jacqui Vixen Suffers RSI Injury. "The Dark Triad" Recorded[edit]

The band confirmed in early 2010 that Jacqui Vixen had been forced to quit playing the bass due to an RSI Repetitive strain injury she had been suffering from for some time. The problem began after a fall whilst on tour in Germany in 2008 and her style of playing (all down strokes) had aggravated the condition. Prior to the recording of the fifth album "The Dark Triad" Jacqui began taking vocal coaching under the tutelage of Stevie Vann and took over the role of lead vocalist. The band took a break from touring in 2010 and only played a few shows with temporary bass player Pete Vincent including The Rock & Blues Custom Show in Derbyshire and dates in Poland & Switzerland.

2011: UK Tour Announced. "The Dark Triad" Released On 9 May[edit]

In January 2011 the band finished mixing their 5th album @ Berry Street Studio with Kevin Poree (Memphisto) producing. A UK Tour also began in January and the album titled "The Dark Triad" was released on CD & all major digital outlets on 9 May 2011 and is the third album to feature a cover picture by photographer Tina Korhonen. On Monday 7 February the band released a direct to download single "The Beast Must Die" c/w "Cocaine Joe" both taken from their forthcoming album. A promotional video for the song was released the same day on YouTube[12] and received 1045 hits in under a week - the video was made by Luke Billing for Berry Street Studio video productions and was filmed at Murder Mile Studio in London.

2011: On Monday 31 October the band released a new "Video Single" on YouTube "I Created A Monster"[edit]

Once again it was made by Luke Billing for Berry Street Studio video productions and was filmed at Murder Mile Studio in London. The track is a completely remixed version of the song.YouTube[13]

2012: On Monday 26 March the band released a new "Video Single" on YouTube "The Devil Rock & Roll"[edit]

The third video made by Luke Billing for Berry Street Studio productions. The audio single had two bonus tracks for free download.

  • 2012: On Monday 11 June the band released a new "Video Single" on YouTube "Blood From The Mummy's Tomb"

On Monday 11 June the band released "Blood From The Mummy's Tomb" their fourth video made by Luke Billing for Berry Street Studio video productions.

2014: Fans use Crowdfunding site Crowdfunder to ensure the release of the bands 6th album Electric Ballroom[edit]

In a phenomenal show of support Devilish Presley's fans raised over £2500 in under 48 hours to enable the recording of a sixth studio album 'The Electric Ballroom'. The album was recorded at Goldmaster Allstars with producer Kevin Poree and co-producer Zac Dorne. It was released in May 2015.

2015: Devilish Presley Farewell UK Tour October - November 2015[edit]

After a lay off of over three years the band return to the live stage for a farewell tour and to promote Johnny's novel 'Kill Devil Delta'. The final release on their November Tenth Records label will be a Limited Edition 4MB Memory Stick containing all six of their albums, plus photos, lyrics and memorabilia. [14]



  • Rust Garden (2003)
  • Disgraceland (2004)
  • Memphisto (2006)
  • Flesh Ride (2008)
  • The Dark Triad (2011)
  • The Electric Ballroom (2015)


  • Black Leather Jesus c/w Levis Dog (2003)
  • Memento Mori c/w Saturday Night Satellite (2004)
  • She's Not America (2005)
  • Hammer Horror Glamour (2006)
  • Halloween Queen (2007)
  • Voodoo Goddess c/w Losing Ground (2008)
  • The Beast Must Die c/w Cocaine Joe (2011)
  • I Created A Monster (2011)
  • The Devil Rock & Roll c/w Spiritbabe c/w Mary Shelley Motorcade (2012)
  • Blood From The Mummy's Tomb c/w Dreamers & Destroyers c/w Mr Splitfoot (2012)
  • The Zombie I Love c/w Creature In The Shadows c/w The Serpent Henry (2012)


  • Pagan Love Songs (Germany) (2004)
  • Dark Awakenings Vol 3 (Germany) (2006)
  • Screaming Tarts Vol 3 (UK) (2006)

Cover-mount CDs

  • Kaleidoscope Magazine (UK) (2005)
  • Zillo Magazine (Germany) (2005)
  • Sonic Seducer Magazine (Germany) (2006)[15]
  • Big Cheese Magazine (UK) (2006)
  • Devolution Magazine (UK) (2010)
  • Big Cheese Magazine (UK) (2010)
  • Devolution Magazine (UK) (2011)


  • Live Voodoo (2009)
  • The Beast Must Die - Ltd Edition (2011)


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