Devils Head (summit)

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Devils Head
Devils Head (Sleeping Indian) as seen from Castle Rock CO.JPG
View of Devils Head from Castle Rock, Colorado
Highest point
Elevation9,749 ft (2,971 m) [1][2]
Prominence1,248 ft (380 m) [3]
Isolation7.99 mi (12.86 km) [3]
Coordinates39°15′37″N 105°06′05″W / 39.2602825°N 105.1012595°W / 39.2602825; -105.1012595Coordinates: 39°15′37″N 105°06′05″W / 39.2602825°N 105.1012595°W / 39.2602825; -105.1012595[1]
Devils Head is located in Colorado
Devils Head
Devils Head
LocationDouglas County, Colorado, U.S.[4]
Parent rangeFront Range, Rampart Range[3]
Topo mapUSGS 7.5' topographic map
Devils Head, Colorado[1]
Easiest routeDevil's Head Trailhead #611(Devil's Head National Recreation Trail)

Devils Head is a mountain summit in the Rampart Range of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The 9,749-foot (2,971 m) peak is located in Pike National Forest, 14.2 miles (22.9 km) southwest by south (bearing 210°) of the community of Sedalia in Douglas County, Colorado, United States.[1][2][3][4]


Devils Head is topped by the Devil's Head Lookout, an active United States Forest Service fire lookout tower. Access to the summit and lookout tower is via the Devils Head National Recreation Trail.

Devils Head name comes from prospectors of the late 1800s. From the southwest of Devils Head, and looking northeast toward the mountain, one can see a shape of a face laying flat, as if the mountain was looking up. Some of the forest has softened the looks, as there used to be a more obvious eye socket, and facial features. However, from this angle, one is still able to see the face and even horns.

Historical names[edit]

  • The Sleeping Indian
  • Camels Back
  • Devils Head – 1923 [4]
  • Platte Mountain
  • Warrens Crag

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