Devils of Darkness

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Devils of Darkness
Devils of Darkness Originalposter.png
British original poster
Directed by Lance Comfort
Produced by Tom Blakeley
Written by Lyn Fairhurst
Starring William Sylvester
Hubert Noël
Carole Gray
Tracy Reed
Music by Bernie Fenton
Cinematography Frank Drake
Edited by John Trumper
Release date
  • April 1965 (1965-04)
Running time
82 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Devils of Darkness is a 1965 British horror film directed by Lance Comfort and starring William Sylvester, Hubert Noël and Carole Gray.[1][2]

It was the last feature film directed by Lance Comfort.


Its plot involves a group of vampires and satanic worshippers, led by Count Sinistre, who search out fresh victims. The film begins in a small town in Brittany, primarily inhabited by gypsies, where Baxter is on holiday with a group of friends. Count Sinistre returns to terrorise the townspeople on All Soul's Night, and murders three of Baxter's friends. Baxter, initially sceptical of the supernatural nature of the town, becomes suspicious and returns to England with a talisman belonging to Sinistre which he had taken from the scene of one of his murders, leading Sinistre to pursue Baxter in an attempt to recover the talisman and murder acquaintances along the way.



Devils of Darkness was finally released on Region 1 DVD along with Witchcraft as part of the Midnite Movies range of classic and cult horror films in 2007.


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