Devils on horseback

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Devils on horseback
Bacon wrapped almond-stuffed dates.jpg
Bacon-wrapped, almond-stuffed dates
CourseHors d'oeuvre or savoury
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Main ingredientsDried fruit (especially dates), chutney, bacon

Devils on horseback are a hot appetizer or savoury small dish. Recipes vary, but in general they are a variation on angels on horseback (bacon wrapped oysters), made by replacing oysters with dried fruit. The majority of recipes contain a pitted prune[1] stuffed occasionally with mango chutney or an almond and wrapped in bacon. This is then baked in the oven and quite often served on toast, with watercress.

Other recipes stuff the fruit with cheese, almonds, smoked oysters, or other things in place of the mango chutney. Other versions again use liver pieces either in place of the prunes, or stuffed inside the prunes. A traditional favourite is orange segments wrapped in another fruit.

Devils on horseback are commonly served as part of a Christmas feast.

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