Devin-Adair Publishing Company

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Devin-Adair Publishing Company
Status Defunct
Founded 1911
Founder Henry Garrity
Country of origin United States
Publication types books

The Devin-Adair Publishing Company was an American publishing house created in 1911 by Henry Garrity. Its leadership was inherited in 1939[1] by Devin Garrity, son of the founder, and the firm known for publication of Irish poetry and books on popular ornithology began to focus on anti-Communist, conservative, and libertarian books for the political movement that eventuated in the election of President Ronald Reagan. The principal publishers of such books were Devin-Adair, Caxton Publishers (Idaho), Henry Regnery Company (Chicago), Western Islands (Boston), and Arlington House (Connecticut). Garrity managed to have friends across the broad spectrum of the American right from Human Events and National Review to The Freeman, American Opinion, The Review of the News, and Conservative Digest.

The publisher was originally based in New York City, but later moved to Old Greenwich, Connecticut in 1970.[1]

Devin Garrity was also featured in the ABC television series, Answers for Americans, which aired briefly in the 1953-1954 television season.[2]


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