Devletşah Hatun

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Devlet Şah Khātūn
دولت شاه خاتون
c. 1365
Kütahya, Germiyan dynasty
Diedc. 1414 (aged 48–49)
Bursa, Ottoman Empire
SpouseBayezid I
Issueİsa Çelebi
Düzmece Mustafa
Büyük (The Elderly) Musa Çelebi
FatherSüleyman Şah Çelebi of Germiyan dynasty
MotherMutahhara Abide Hatun of Sultan Veled ibn Mawlānā Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi

Devletşah Hatun (fully Devletlu İsmetlu Devlet-Şâh Khānūm / Khātûn Hazretleri, Ottoman Turkish: دولت شاه خاتون‎, c. 1365 – c. 1414), simply known as Devlet-Şâh, was the third wife of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I and the mother of İsa Çelebi, Mustafa Çelebi the Düzmece, and Musa the Elderly Khan (who should not be confused with Musa Çelebi, the Second Sultan of Rumelia) of the Ottoman Empire.

The Husband of Devlet-Şâh (Daulat-Shâh) Hātûn, Bayezid I.


Devlet-Şâh Khānūm was born in 1365 to an Anatolian prince, Süleyman Shah (Şah Çelebi), the ruler of the Anatolian Germiyan dynasty, Kütahya. Her mother Mutāhharā Abide Khātūn was a granddaughter of Mawlānā Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi, the founder of the Sufi order of Mevlevis, through his son Sultan Walad.[1]


In 1378, she was married to Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I. She gave birth to three sons: İsa Çelebi, Governor of Anatolia 1390,[citation needed] of Balıkesir, Düzmece ( Phony or False ) Mustafa Çelebi, Sultan of Rumelia, and Büyük (The Elder) Musa Çelebi. Among them, İsa found support with several of the Anatolian principalities but not with Germiyan and Düzmece Mustafa claimed the throne after the death of Mehmed I in 1421 and eventually defeated by Mehmed I'son Murad II. Devlet-Şah Khānūm died in 1414 in Bursa.

Burial place[edit]

The tomb of Devlet-Şah Khanum stands alone in Bursa neighborhoods separate from the mosque complexes that contained the tombs of the sultans and other members of the dynasty, following two royal mothers, Nilüfer Hatun and Gülçiçek Hatun. It is well tended by the Bursa neighborhood in which it is situated and functions as a local pilgrimage site


Germiyanoğlu Devlet Şah Hatun should not be confused with the mother of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I, namely, Devlet Hatun whose name in her vakfîyya is registered as Daulât bint-i Abd'Allah. This implies that the mother of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I was non-Turkish origin.[2]


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