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District of Devoll
Rrethi i Devollit
Map showing the district within Albania
Map showing the district within Albania
Country  Albania
County Korçë County
Capital Bilisht
 • Total 429 km2 (166 sq mi)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 33,785
 • Density 79/km2 (200/sq mi)

The District of Devoll (Albanian: Rrethi i Devollit) is one of the thirty-six districts of Albania, part of Korçë County and derives its name from the Devoll river flowing through the valley. It has a population of 33,785,[2] and an area of 429 km². It is in the southeastern corner of the country, and its capital is Bilisht.[3] Its busy border point Kapshticë/Krystallopigi connects the district with the Greek regional units of Florina and Kastoria to the east and southeast. Devoll borders the district of Kolonjë to the southwest and Korçë to the west and north.


The district is known in history for the Devol fortress, where the Treaty of Devol between Bohemond I of Antioch and Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos was held in 1108. Its site became forgotten in modern times, however it has been tentatively identified with the site Zvezdë[4] (located at 40°43′N 020°51′E / 40.717°N 20.850°E / 40.717; 20.850[5]), a conjecture already proposed by the 19th century British traveller William Martin Leake in 1835.[6]

It was in Devoll, while the region was within the Serbian Empire, that Emperor Stefan Dušan died in 1355.


The district consists of the following municipalities:

Communities and subdivisions[edit]

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Coordinates: 40°35′N 20°56′E / 40.583°N 20.933°E / 40.583; 20.933