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Not to be confused with Bologna sausage.
A slice of devon

Devon is a type of manufactured meat product sold in Australia and New Zealand. It is usually served in a sandwich, often with tomato sauce and can also be fried in slices.

Typical commercial preparations list the major ingredient as "Meat including Pork". It is usually composed of several types of pork, basic spices, and a binder. One popular Australian brand, Primo, uses the same ingredient list for both Luncheon and Veal German, with the exception being the addition of red wine powder to the latter,[citation needed] a more expensive product.[citation needed]

It is referred to as "polony" in Western Australia, "luncheon meat" in northern areas of New Zealand, "fritz" in South Australia and far western areas of New South Wales, "Belgium" and "devon" in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and East New South Wales,[citation needed] as well as "Belgium" in southern areas of New Zealand. It is also referred to as "bung" in some parts of Tasmania, and Windsor Sausage in Queensland. Devon would be classed as "luncheon meat" in the UK[citation needed]. Originally known in some parts of Australia as "German sausage", this name fell out of favour during World War I when Australia was at war with Germany.[citation needed] It is similar in appearance and taste to the bologna sausage and the cooked pork sausage known in Australia as Berliner. In Hungary, it is called "párizsi" or rarely "parizer", and can be bought sliced or in sticks. It is considered to be a cheap meat product[citation needed].

In South Australia, Bung Fritz refers to the sausage smoked in natural skin (as opposed to the plastic skin of commercial smallgoods makers).[1]

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