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Devon Hamilton
Bryton James as Devon Hamilton (2013).png
The Young and the Restless character
Portrayed by Bryton James
Duration 2004–
First appearance June 1, 2004
Created by John F. Smith
Kay Alden
Trent Jones
Introduced by William J. Bell
David Shaughnessy
John F. Smith
Classification Present, regular
Aliases Devon Winters

Devon Hamilton is a fictional character from CBS daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. He is the adopted son of the show's first leading African American couple, Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) and Drucilla Barber (Victoria Rowell). He has been played by Bryton James since the character's introduction in 2004.[1] The character was introduced in 2004, under executive producer and show creator, William J. Bell, and co-executive producers, David Shaughnessy and John F. Smith. Created by then head writers, Smith, Kay Alden and Trent Jones, Devon was introduced as a troubled teenager, from a broken home. Devon is taken in as the foster child of Neil and Dru who eventually adopt him and raise him along with their daughter, Lily (Christel Khalil). In addition to trying to adjust to his new life, Devon is stricken with meningitis during his college years and he is left completely deaf. Devon is forced to learn sign language to communicate but eventually gets a cochlear implant which restores his hearing.

From 2007 to 2013, Devon had an enduring romance with Roxanne (Tatyana Ali) which survives his affair with Tyra Hamilton (Eva Marcille). Though he works in the corporate world, Devon has always had a passion for music. Under executive producer Maria Arena Bell, it is Devon's love for music that leads to the revelation about his true heritage when he is revealed to be the long-lost grandson of the show's matriarch, Katherine Chancellor, played by Jeanne Cooper.

Following Katherine's onscreen death in 2013, under executive producer Jill Farren Phelps, Devon inherits half of her billion dollar estate and later becomes the owner of The Genoa City Athletic Club. Initially, the money causes more problems for him as his paranoia leads to his split with Roxanne and he becomes a victim of identify theft when he befriends Mason Wilder (Lamon Archey). Devon later falls for his former enemy, Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan), but the potential romance is sidetracked when she has an affair with Neil.

The foster care, meningitis and hearing loss story arcs received critical acclaim and earned James six Daytime Emmy award nominations and one win in 2007 for his portrayal of the character during the meningitis story. The actor has also received four consecutive NAACP Image Award nominations for his portrayal of Devon and he won the award in 2009.


Bryton James, then known as Bryton McClure, and known for his six-year-long stint as Richie Crawford on the sitcom Family Matters, was cast in the role of Devon in April 2004 and made his onscreen debut on June 1, 2004.[2][3] Just before completing high school, James took up acting once again and one of his first auditions was for The Young and the Restless.[4] In a 2014 interview with Soap Opera Digest in honor of his 10th anniversary with the series, James reflected on the audition process: "I remember very vividly walking through the big door on the third floor for the read. The scenes for my audition were heavy drama so I had a sense of what I would be in for." James also screen tested opposite his longtime friend and co-star Christel Khalil. James and Khalil had previously worked together on Family Matters where she had a guest role.[5] After almost five years with the series, rumors spread in the spring of 2009 that James had been dropped to recurring status due to his lack of story. Nelson Branco commented on the rumors and said Bryton had indeed been taken off contract.[6] However, Bryton immediately denied the rumors.[7] In September 2009, James once again confirmed on Twitter that he was still under contract with the show.[8] With the arrival of new executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps, rumors began circulating that the role of Devon was to be recast. The show's casting call for a brand new character very similar to Devon fed into fan speculation.[9] However, Phelps later confirmed that Bryton was secure and the casting call was indeed for a new character.[10] In 2013, onscreen events hinted at Bryton's potential exit once again.[11] James revealed that he signed a new contract with the show in July 2013 during an interview at the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards.[12] James told Soaps In Depth that he would have been worried just like fans had he not already signed a new contract with the series.[13] Bryton revealed that even when he was not getting much story development, he never considered leaving the series because he felt a sense of loyalty to it.[14]



In a 2004 interview with Soap Opera Weekly, Bryton James described Devon as a "very guarded kid."[15] Devon is not the kind of guy that likes to be "babied", the actor said in an interview with Soap Opera Digest in 2006. Devon has a tendency to lash out if he feels like he is being sheltered.[16] Of the character, Scott Hamner said "Devon is very independent and confident in his ability to care of himself and shape his own destiny."[17]

Introduction and foster care[edit]

Of James introduction storyline as the troubled homeless foster kid taken in by Neil and Drucilla, Soap Opera Digest said the character landed on the "front burner in a social-issue saga."[5] James commented that the story was very special for him because it was pitched by Victoria Rowell herself. "It was something very close to [Rowell's] heart and I wanted to do the best I could" said the actor.[5] Of his character, James said that Victoria Rowell was a "huge part" of developing the character of Devon due to her own experience with the foster care system.[18]

Meningitis and deafness[edit]

"Devon struggles a lot more with then he lets on. He believes that things are going to get better but at the same time, he doesn't want to be treated different. He doesn't want to feel like a handicapped person."[19]

James on Devon's feelings about his condition.

From 2006 to 2007, James who had been asking for the writers to challenge him with a great storyline got the chance to show off his acting chops when his character contracts meningitis and the disease nearly kills him. When Devon starts college, he refuses the recommended immunization shots for the infection. However, the most significant part of the storyline is Devon losing his hearing. Devon who already has to make his own way in the world due to his chaotic childhood, is forced to re-learn to communicate with his family and friends while starting college.[19] After learning from doctors that surgery is his only option, Devon gets the Cochlear Implant surgery on November 26, 2006.[20] At the time of Devon's meningitis scare, Neil and Dru are on the verge of divorce and it is his illness that brings the Winters family back together.[3] Devon's illness helps them to realize that there a lot more important things to deal with then their "trivial problems."[19] James did a lot of online research to prepare for the storyline about the different levels of severity in meningitis cases, to how much hearing one could lose, to how much of their hearing a person could get back. James also reached out to some of his own real life friends who are deaf to get a feel for what Devon would feel. James compared it to Devon's foster care storyline: "[Y]ou can't completely understand unless you have been through it. Losing any of your senses is difficult. You can act it all you want but to do the best job, it is something you need to explore with someone who really has been through it." James admitted that he was worried about the storyline not knowing if he could completely grasp the situation because he had not experienced it. James had to "wing it." However, Devon is not completely hopeless; he believes anything is possible because he's already survived so much. Devon does not just accept that he will always be deaf. However, James said it was difficult to ignore his co-stars in scenes as if he could not hear them. Bryton and his co-stars immediately had to learn sign language from an onset coach. Fortunately, Devon can still speak, so James does not have to use sign language that often. The Young and the Restless worked in conjunction with Advanced Bionics for the storyline.[21]

Bryton James as Devon wearing his cochlear implant.

The storyline was revisited in early 2012 when the character's hearing is fully restored due to another surgery. James revealed that Devon's most recent surgery to restore his hearing was actually inspired by real life advances in cochlear implants. His co-star, Eileen Davidson, whom at the time played his stepmother, Ashley Abbott, brought the information to James's attention, who presented the information to Maria Arena Bell. The advances were eventually incorporated into the show.[22] Of the decision to incorporate the real life medical advancements into the story James said, "For it come to fruition and for me to play someone going through is very humbling."[23] The story culminates on April 11, 2012 with Devon getting his new implants activated restoring his hearing completely.[24]

Paternity revealed[edit]

Since the character's introduction in 2004, Devon's paternity remained a mystery.[25] Devon initially believed his father was a man that he had only seen once hanging out in front of the local convenience store; that man later died. In 2009, the plot was revisited when the writers introduced Devon's great-aunt Virginia (Della Reese). Virginia gives him a letter from Yolanda to Devon's father which was never mailed. Devon realizes that his biological father was still out there.[3] Before the story was written, James had considered the possibility of Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) being Devon's father.[25]

"While James clearly had fleshed out his fantasy, nothing could have prepared him for the reality of being informed that Devon's father is actually Tucker, making him the grandson of Genoa City's matriarch, Katherine."[25]

Soaps In Depth on Devon's paternity.

When the series announced the casting of daytime legend Debbi Morgan, Yahoo! TV proposed several scenarios for her potential character including the mother of Tucker McCall (Stephen Nichols)'s long lost son, or Devon's own mother, Yolanda, previously played by Chene Lawson.[26] It was eventually confirmed that both potential characters are the same when it was revealed that Morgan was a recast of Yolanda. In May 2011, Daytime Confidential confirmed that the character of Devon would be involved in two major stories, "Devon: Look for two major stories involving Dru and Neil's adopted son. We hear he's going to fall for a damsel who lives in distress, around the same time he learns his surprise bio father is her mortal enemy..." The first part of the spoiler may have referred to Devon's new found step-sister, Abby Newman (Marcy Rylan), but that part of the story was dropped due to Rylan's maternity leave. Though the characters were never paired romantically, Devon and Abby form a friendship and bond as stepsiblings.[27] Co-head writer Scott Hamner explained that the way his paternity comes out "leaves a very bad feeling for Devon" and makes him bitter about the situation because of his prior expectations. The revelation is nothing but a "nightmare" for Devon. Because of how his adoptive parents raised him, Devon's is turned off by Tucker and Katherine's "bad judgement" in how they have handled the situation. Devon feels slighted knowing that both Katherine and Tucker had such wealth and power and still took so long to find him. In addition, Devon's anger toward Katherine is fueled by the fact that she put him in charge of the music division at Chancellor Industries. Though she initially tells him that her decision was based on the merit she saw in him, Devon quickly realizes that had he not been her grandson, she would not have given him the opportunity. Devon is insulted, and rightfully so, Hamner explained.[17] The producers were forced to tell James about the story ahead of time when he requested time off for his honeymoon in March 2011. While he had always hoped for Devon's father to be a character that was well established, James easily accepted Tucker as the Devon's father because of the connection to Katherine. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, James revealed that he had previously discussed the subject with executive producer Maria Arena Bell but he was very surprised when the story led to Devon being Katherine's grandson. According to James, the revelation makes Devon feel even closer to Neil; Devon "always will be Neil's son."[14][22] According to James, it is Devon's connection to Neil that keeps Devon on the right track when he suddenly comes into such wealth. While most people would allow money to change them, "Nothing can make [Devon] turn against Neil."[28]

As a unit, the Winters family was given several storylines, but none of which allowed the family to intermingle with the non African American characters within the series. Devon being revealed to be Katherine's grandchild, did just that and removed the family from the proverbial, "Black Box" in which the characters only interact with other African American characters.[29] As Tucker's son, Devon is one of the first biracial characters in the history of the series, much like his adoptive second cousin, Marcus Forrester (Texas Battle) on The Bold and the Beautiful. The storyline also mirrored James's own ethnicity.[30]

Devon's inheritance[edit]

Jeanne Cooper played Katherine Chancellor, the matriarch of Genoa City and Devon's grandmother. Devon inheriting half of her billion dollar estate stirred controversy within story, and among viewers and critics.

Upon Jeanne Cooper's death in May 2013, and the announcement that the beloved Katherine Chancellor's death would also be acknowledge onscreen, many wondered who would benefit from Katherine's vast empire. Deanna Barnert concluded that Devon, would be the biggest winner considering that he is the only blood relative of Katherine's who is still a part of the canvas at the time of her death. With Katherine's sons, Brock and Tucker, and her granddaughter, Mackenzie off canvas, James admitted that most people over looked Devon upon Katherine's impending demise because it his connection to Katherine was still so new. Despite being unaware of any specific plans, James put his faith in the writers.[22] In the September 23 issue of Soaps In Depth, James previewed that Devon there was quite a bit in store for the character and that fans wouldn't be disappointed. The magazine hinted that a gold digger intent on stealing Devon's inheritance could be in the character's future. However, James would not confirm or deny anything, but said he was open to the possibilities.[13] Though Devon has no problem showering Roxanne with expensive gifts, he is caught off guard when she suddenly wants him to get a bigger place so they can move in together. However the money brings a new dynamic to the relationship, and also makes Devon question his girlfriend's motives. James told CBS Soaps In Depth that Devon feels guilty for accusing her and he doesn't believe Roxy is trying to take advantage of him, but he would have rather made such a big decision as a couple. James also revealed that Devon would face more obstacles then his romantic troubles.[31] Devon has always been "down to earth," and some speculated that the money could change him. James revealed that because Devon is accustomed to dealing with huge life changes, the money would not change him too much. At the same time, Devon struggles to keep with the sudden changes, from Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) suddenly taking an interest in him, to Roxy wanting to move in, and Mason's schemes to suck up to Devon. James revealed that Devon's biggest challenge would be finding out what his passion is. The money brings so many possibilities for Devon, and he is a bit overwhelmed.[32]


Since his introduction in 2004, Devon had seen very little development in the romance department. While the character has had brief dalliances, he has had a stable girlfriend in Roxanne (Tatyana Ali) starting in 2007. However, the couple receives very little development.

James' most controversial story to date involved Devon's affair with his "aunt" Tyra (Eva Marcille). In May 2009 the writers introduced Devon's great-aunt, Virginia (Della Reese) who reveals that Tyra isn't his biological aunt, but was taken in by his grandmother as an infant.[3] In June 2009, Daytime Confidential published a spoiler article which revealed that Devon would begin to develop romantic feelings for Tyra and Devon even fantasizes about kissing her.[33] At the time, Devon is upset with Tyra for breaking up Neil's marriage to Karen Taylor (Nia Peeples). During an argument on August 12, 2009, an angry Devon brings Tyra to tears and when he comforts her, they end up sleeping together; the two are caught by Roxanne.[3] Devon can be a bit judgmental, and some view him a hypocrite because he comes down so hard on Harmony (Yolanda) for sleeping with Tucker, and destroying his marriage. Bryton defends Devon by reminding fans that Devon was only 19 years old when he slept with Tyra, and Devon that is the only big mistake Devon had made in his romantic life. Devon has grown up a bit since his tryst with Tyra.[34]

Mishael Morgan portrays Hilary, Devon's first major love interest within the series. Their "forbidden love" garnered fan support very early on, and even more so after Hilary marries Neil (Kristoff St. John).

Starting in late 2013, the writers hint at a romance between Devon and the recently reformed Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan). Devon and Hilary bond after she exposes Mason Wilder (Lamon Archey) –– Hilary's former accomplice in her plan to destroy the Winters family –– has stolen the young billionaire's identity. In an interview with Soaps In Depth, James said Devon sees Hilary as being redeemed and she has become a friend to him despite her past.[35] Hilary's impulsive kiss with her boss, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) sends Devon into the arms of the shallow gold digging supermodel, Esmeralda (Briana Nicole Henry).[36] According to head writer Jean Passanante, "Esmeralda is unabashedly attracted to Devon's money, perhaps as much as she is to Devon himself." However, after witnessing her kiss with Jack, Devon sees any potential future with Hilary as a "missed opportunity."[37] Head writer, Shelly Altman maintained that even though it seems they're moving apart, they do share a mutual and "definite attraction," despite the fact that they're both in "denial." If Devon and Hilary are to have any future, "they'll need to get around a very surprising obstacle!" said Altman.[36]

That obstacle comes in the form of Neil who also bonds with Hilary after a bad break up.[38] James was immediately open to the triangle because for the first time, the father-son duo would really be at odds. They have always supported each other and even his previous affair with Tyra is different because Devon is so young. When it comes to Hilary, because Devon is older, "[Devon and Neil] can come at each other as equals and fight over [Hilary]" if necessary. However, Devon has to work up the courage to be honest about his feelings.[39] In an interview with On-Air On-Soaps, Passanante described the dynamic of the triangle as a "great big mess, with much story opportunity."[40] The couple faces another major setback when an accident leaves Neil blind just as Devon and Hilary are ready to come clean about their relationship. James accredited the pairing's popularity to the writing and the pacing. The actor praised the writers for "taking the time, and letting the fans get invested in really caring about Devon and Hilary’s feelings for each other."[41]


Devon is born on February 7, 1988 in Genoa City, Wisconsin to Yolanda Hamilton.[42] Yolanda who is very young when she gets pregnant is barely able to care for Devon. Yolanda turns to drugs and when Devon is six years old, she suffers an overdose and Devon is taken away to live his grandmother. At the time, Devon's grandmother is the only one he can depend on and he has fond memories of her up until her death. Devon later reconnects with Yolanda but due to her addiction, he is forced to take care of himself. Devon begins acting out and is even arrested for assaulting a guy who teases him about his mother being a drug addict. Devon grows up believing his father is some random guy from the neighborhood who gets Yolanda pregnant and later rejects her. The man who Devon thinks is his father later dies and Devon never gets the chance to actually meet him.[3]

Introduced as a delinquent living in a group homes, a homeless Devon is taken in and is officially adopted by the Winters family in December 2006. Dru sympathizes with Devon because as she was one a teenage runaway. Devon develops unrequited feelings for Lily, unaware that her friend, Sierra Hoffman (Asia Ray Smith) has a crush on him. Devon nearly dies from meningitis and is left completely deaf. He later gets a cochlear implant. In 2006, Devon is arrested for Carmen Mesta (Marisa Ramirez)'s murder. Fortunately, he is exonerated when the real killer is revealed. Devon's happiness short lived when Dru is presumed dead in 2007. He later begins dating Lily's friend, Roxanne. In 2008, he meets Tyra for the first time and learns that Tyra's daughter, Ana (Jamia Simone Nash) is actually his biological half-sister, also abandoned by Yolanda (Chene Lawson). In May 2009, Devon reunites with his great aunt Virginia who reveals that his biological father never knew he existed, and that Tyra is adopted. After Neil's affair with Tyra destroys his most recent marriage, Devon begins to hate Tyra. However, Devon realizes he is attracted to her, and they end up sleeping together after a fight. Roxanne initially breaks up with him, but they eventually reconcile. Though Devon goes to college for music, he and Neil clash over his career path when he takes a job as photographer's assistant to support his career.

In 2010, after a failed partnership with Noah Newman (Luke Kleintank) at Resurrection Music, Devon appeals to the label's owner, Tucker McCall (Stephen Nichols) for a second chance which ends in Tucker firing him. Tucker's mother, Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) in turn launches her own label and hires Devon to run it.[43] After Katherine ends up in a coma, Devon is shocked to learn that Tucker is his father.[44] Devon immediately rejects Tucker and Katherine wanting to keep the news to himself until it is leaked to the press. Yolanda, known as Harmony (Debbi Morgan) shows up offering an explanation and hoping to make amends. It is Ana who convinces him to give his family a chance.[45] Devon struggles with hearing while launching his label and Harmony and Tucker help him get another surgery to fix the complications. Devon befriends Abby Newman (Marcy Rylan) who invest in his label as he signs Angelina Veneziano (Diana DeGarmo). His success is short lived and Devon returns to work on the marketing team at Jabot Cosmetics. Devon also considers taking a permanent position with Tucker's label that keeps him out of town often but he turns it down. Roxanne is upset that Devon considers taking the job without consulting her. Devon clashes with Tyler Michaelson (Redaric Williams) due to his romantic feelings for Lily. Katherine passes away in 2013 leaving her relatives devastated and Katherine shockingly leaves Devon half of her estate amounting in nearly 2.5 billion dollars. With his new wealth, Devon does several good deeds including offering a million dollar reward for Cordelia Abbott's hit-and-run driver and funding a charity in her name. However, Devon's parranoia over his inheritance leads to Roxy leaving him. Devon later befriends Mason Wilder (Lamon Archey) and the reformed bad girl Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) and Hilary tips him off about Mason stealing his identity after he is arrested in connection with a trashed hotel room in Las Vegas. Devon and Hilary continue to bond, and he defends her against Lily's attacks. In 2014, Devon buys the Genoa City Athletic Club and hires Cane and Lily to run it. After being rejected by Hilary, Devon hooks up with model, Esmeralda (Briana Nicole Henry) at the Valentine's Day gala. When the guests are taken hostage, Devon manages to trip the silent alarm and he grows closer to Hilary after the ordeal. As Devon showers Esmeralda with lavish gifts, he is furious to learn that Neil and Hilary are sleeping together. He exposes the affair and Lily encourages Devon to seduce Hilary and dump her, but he refuses; at the same time, he ends his relationship with Esmeralda. After much badgering from Cane, Devon admits his feelings for Hilary and kisses her the day before she marries Neil. Hilary rejects him again and seeing how happy Neil is, Devon stands in as Neil's best man.[46] Devon drowns his sorrows in alcohol getting Hilary's attention and she urges him to forget about. Devon admits his love for her and after several close moments, Devon decides to leave town.[47] Though she doesn't want to hurt Neil, Hilary admits her feelings for Devon and they grow closer after they are stranded on the side of the road over night.[48] Devon later agrees to a date with Abby (Melissa Ordway) hoping to get Cane and Lily off his back just as Hilary is ready to make a decision about their future.[49]


Devon is often criticized for being so overprotective, and Soap Opera Digest said that at times it is "uncomfortable" to watch.[50] Bryton James on the other hand been received praise for his portrayal of Devon overall. Bryton was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category 5 times from 2006 to 2009, and once again in 2013. For his 2009 Emmy nomination, James submitted the scenes of Devon's reaction to losing his little sister, Ana to the foster care system, after interference from his biological mother.[51] Bryton's portrayal of Devon has also garnered him several NAACP Image Award nominations for Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series, from 2005 to 2009. James won the award in 2007.[2] Jillian Bowe described Bryton as "woefully-underused" when the actor was cast in the prime time series, The Vampire Diaries due to his lack of storyline on Y&R.[52][53]

Foster care[edit]

Deanna Barnert of Soap Opera Weekly said "The foster care community has taken note" of the storyline and fans immediately took a liking to James.[15] Soap Opera Digest praised the storyline as the "Best Social Issue" arc for the year 2004. The magazine said, "A social-issue soap story needn't be constorversial or shocking to be effective, as Y&R proved with an intelligent and realistic tale about foster care. Not an inherently 'sexy' topic, the story was nonetheless compelling" specifically due to Victoria Rowell, who played Devon's foster mother Drucilla was so heavily involved in the story. "The result was an involving storyline" that received several accolades. "By allowing for vastly different viewpoints, it wasn't preachy or emotionally manipulative" and like all great soap stories, it added layers to an existing relationship.[54]

Hearing loss[edit]

"Bryton's accurate depiction of a cochlear implant (C.I.) recipient has been so well-acted that we continue to receive many comments from actual C.I. recipients inquiring if the actor is a real C.I. patient!".[21]

Sue Greco on Bryton's portrayal. (2007)

He won his first and only Emmy Award in 2007 for his portrayal of Devon during the hearing loss storyline.[2] Despite some thinking the characters picked up sign language too quickly, Bionic Ear experts praised the storyline and James for his portrayal. The storyline also led to increased interests in cochlear implants and provided hope for those dealing with hearing loss. James also thanks and praise from viewers thanking him for his portrayal of Devon's situation.[21] James earned his fifth Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Young Actor category in 2013, for his portrayal of Devon during the scenes where Devon's hearing is completely restored after a new cochlear implant.[23]

Paternity and inheritance[edit]

The storyline about Devon's paternity received both positive and mixed criticism. Yahoo! TV praised the series for catching up the "current times" by making Devon the biracial grandson of one of the core characters.[55] The website also said the storyline was the best reveal of 2011. Wordwiley complimented the series for making an established character like Devon Tucker's son instead of introducing a new character. The article also commented that the dynamic between Katherine, Tucker, Devon and Harmony was rich with potential story.[56] Yahoo! TV included the character of Devon, along with the other young characters as the future of The Young and the Restless.[55] Carolyn Hinsey said Nichols's Tucker was not a strong enough character to hang such a heavy story one.[57] Naomi Rabinowitz appreciated that the plot cemented both Tucker and Devon to the canvas, and that it made for an interesting dynamic pitting Neil vs. Tucker, but disapproved of the constant rewriting of Katherine's history.[58] Luke Kerr said that while he wasn't a big fan of the initial story, he enjoyed seeing Devon and Tucker bond over their shared interest in music.[59] Sara Bibel praised the story arc because it allowed James to showcase his talent, and it provided the very underused character with a storyline, and described the plot twist as a "juicy way of defining" the character. However, Bibel admitted that the execution could have been better.[60] During the week of Devon's paternity reveal, the show gained 282, 000 total viewers rebounding from a previous week of a new ratings low.[61]

In response to Devon's inheritance, Sara Bibel described referred to the plot twist as a "doozy." Bibel praised the twist because "transforming" Devon without having to make him act "out of character."[62] Boone of Soap Central said "I'm kind of curious to know what Devon's role will be in the future." However, the column also said that Devon has never been a leading character. Others were completely dumbfounded by the twist and said it didn't make any sense.[63] Sara Bibel appreciated that the storyline was the most upbeat of the storylines on the series, but disapproved of Devon's need to maintain his normal way of life; "God forbid we should get to see someone having fun even though aspirational, wish-fulfillment storylines are a daytime staple," Bibel said.[64] Bibel later criticized how instead of having some fun, pursuing his own dreams, or a new business venture, Devon reacts to his inheritance "by feeling guilty about unearned wealth despite being surrounded by people with trust funds."[65] CBS Soaps In Depth also criticized the writing for Devon's reaction due to the money bringing him more misery then happiness.[66] ABC Soaps In Depth said of Devon becoming the go-to-guy for money, "Why are the numerous rich folks of Genoa City treating The Young and the Restless' Devon like their own personal piggybank?"[67]


Despite fans being very vocal about their disapproval two months before Devon and Tyra's one-night stand, the storyline progressed. The storyline was compared to fellow CBS soap, Guiding Light's incest storyline in which first cousins, Tammy Winslow (Stephanie Gatschet) and Jonathan Randall (Tom Pelphrey) fall in love and marry. Ironically, Tammy is killed off just days after their wedding.[68] TV Guide listed Devon and Tyra's one-night stand as the "WORST AFFAIR" of 2009.[69] Naomi Rabinowitz of Soap Opera Digest also disapproved of the storyline and described the dynamic between Tyra and Devon as "creepy." At the time of the affair, Tyra and Devon are so interconnected, as she is the adoptive mother of his sister, and his father's girlfriend. Despite no biological connection, Devon had only ever known her as his aunt.[70] On the other hand, while Lauren Flynn agreed that the plot was a turn off to viewers due to their relation, Flynn argued that the tryst was a "welcome twist" to an otherwise lackluster storyline. However, Flynn liked that the storyline gave Devon something to do instead of serve as a talk to for his adoptive sister, Lily.[70] Jamey Giddens who immediately disapproved of the storyline agreed to wait until after the storyline played out and said the plot was "ridiculous," due to their attraction coming out of nowhere.[71] Bryton also wished he could change that storyline because it made Devon look like a hypocrite when he comes down on his biological parents for having an affair, despite Tucker being married.[72] Fans tend to hold Devon's affair with Tyra against the character because of how judgmental he is.[34]

CBS Soaps In Depth noticed Devon's chemistry with Hilary in their very first scenes together.[73] The magazine also praised the decision to put an end to Devon and Roxy's romance, and accused prior regimes of treating James and Ali as glorified day players.[74] "We're digging the idea of them together!" the magazine said of the potential Devon and Hilary pairing.[75] In response to the reveal of Neil and Hilary's affair, Teddi Giggy of Soap Central said that while Lily and Devon should have seen the signs, Neil should have known that his children would not approve.[76] Soaps In Depth also praised Devon's reaction to the news of Neil and Hilary's affair listing the confrontation at #1 in the "5 Things We're Loving Right Now" section.[77] Soaps In Depth ranked "Devon's love life" at #5 in the "5 Things We're Loving Right Now" and said "Finally, they're playing him like the catch he always was!"[78] For the week of June 30 to July 4, 2014, Candace Young of Soaps She Knows said "Best of the week was a wasted Devon drunk-dialing Cane in Paris. Baha! He continued to keep things entertaining by showing up at Hilary and Neil's Jabot celebration (held by the only two people in town who support the union) and nearly giving Hilary an ulcer as she waited to see what alcohol-fueled declaration he had come to make."[79] Soaps In Depth praised the scene in which Neil confronted Devon about his disapproval over his relationship with Hilary and when Devon showed up to the wedding in a cliffhanger.[80] According to a poll on the Soaps In Depth website, a large majority wanted Hilary to leave Neil for Devon.[81] TV Guide's Michael Logan described the triangle as "Daytime's hottest and juiciest mess."[47] Fans online coined the portmanteau "Hevon" for the pairing.[82] In July 2014, Bryton James debuted in fan polls on both We Love Soaps and TV Source Magazine at #10 on the top 10 actors list. Meanwhile the pairing of Devon and Hilary debuted at #8 and #9 on We Love Soaps and TV Source respectively in the top 10 couples polls.[83][84]


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