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56312 working a train of scrap metal

Devon and Cornwall Railways (DCR) is a British freight operating company. DCR is a subsidiary of British American Railway Services (BARS),[1] itself owned by Iowa Pacific Holdings (IPH).[2] IPH purchased the Dartmoor Railway and Weardale Railway in 2008.[3]


DCR operate freight trains. They planned to operate passenger services between Okehampton and Exeter from May 2010 but this has not yet happened.[4]

They are a small but rapidly growing freight company,[5] they currently have contracts for moving the Railvac machine to and from possessions for Rail Care working for Network Rail, also have close working ties with several other freight operators and rolling stock providers.[6]


  • British Rail Class 31: 31144 (BR Engineering), 31190 (BR Green), 31452 (DCR Green), 31454 (BR InterCity), 31468 (Fragonset Black), 31601 (DCRail Grey), 31602 (Network Rail Yellow)
  • British Rail Class 56: 56091 (Fertis Grey), 56103 (Fertis Grey), 56128 (Transrail Grey), 56303 (DCR Green), 56311 (DCR Grey), 56312 (DCRail Grey)

As of November 2017 DCR's entire fleet is for sale due to a downturn in the sector in which DCR operated. Of all the engines for sale, only 31452 and 56303 are actually in service, with the rest all in various states of repair in store.