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Devoucoux is a manufacturer of luxury horse saddles. The company produces over 3,700 unique saddles based on 17 basic models.[1] World class riders, including Olympic Medallist Norman Dello Joio, Karin Donckers, Sara Algotsson use Devoucoux saddles.[2]

Devoucoux is also a sponsor of french riders Thomas Carlile, Gilles Pons, Rodolphe Scherer, Stanislas de Zuchovitch, and Pippa Funnell, Dani Evans, Jennie Brannigan and even more.

Devoucoux also sponsors elite competitors and contests.[3] Devoucoux was the sponsor the $30,000 Otter Creek Grand Prix, a show jumping competition held over a five-week summer period at the 2006 Vermont Summer Festival.[4] They were also a sponsor of the $25,000 Devoucoux Wild Card Grand Prix, HITS Culpeper, Virginia.[5]

Devoucoux has a strong sales network with three subsidiaries : France, United Kingdom and the USA. No less than 77 employees worldwide and 15 distributors.


The company was started in 1985 by Jean-Michel Devoucoux in his workshop in the Basque village of Sare. They have sixty employees.[6] The founder is an ex-apprentice groom from Ciboure in the Pyrénées Atlantiques, and is trained to make both harnesses and saddles.

The initial US product line was launched in 1999.[1]

In 2007, there were management changes; Brice Goguet, Director of Devoucoux Inc, is returning to Europe to join the general management team and accelerate the brand's development. Benjamin Auzimour, Devoucoux Ltd’s present Director, will replace him in the United States. Didier Brailly, who is new to the company, is taking over the management of operations in the UK.[7]

In 2008, the company supported the British Horse Society, by offering a saddle as a prize.[8][9]


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