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Dewey Hughes (born 1932) is an African American former radio personality and was Petey Greene's manager.

Dewey Hughes was born in Washington, D.C.. Hughes was introduced to Petey Greene by his older brother Milo at Lorton Reformatory and hired Greene to work as a disc jockey at WOL. Hughes also worked as co-producer and director of Greene's television talk show Petey Greene's Washington from 1976 to 1982. Greene succumbed to liver cancer on January 10, 1984. [1]

Hughes purchased WOL-AM in Washington which became the cornerstone of the Radio One Network. He went on to win 10 Emmy Awards as a producer/director for an NBC affiliate.

Hughes was once married to Cathy Hughes and currently lives in Los Angeles, California where he writes and produces music.

Hughes was portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor in the 2007 film Talk to Me.


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