Dewhurst Stakes

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Dewhurst Stakes
Group 1 race
LocationRowley Mile
Newmarket, England
Race typeFlat / Thoroughbred
SponsorDarley Stud
Race information
Distance7f (1,408 metres)
excluding geldings
Weight9 st 1 lb
3 lb for fillies
Purse427,000 (2020)
1st: £242,1152
Dewhurst Stakes
Purple, white seams, striped sleeves, purple cap Royal blue, orange disc, striped sleeves and cap Red, yellow stripe, chevrons on sleeves
St Mark's Basilica Wembley Thunder Moon

The Dewhurst Stakes is a Group 1 flat horse race in Great Britain open to two-year-old colts and fillies. It is run on the Rowley Mile at Newmarket over a distance of 7 furlongs (1,408 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in October.

It is Britain's most prestigious race for juvenile horses. The leading participants usually become major contenders for the following season's Classics.


The event was founded by Thomas Gee, who was a close friend of Karl Pearson's father. It was established in 1875 and was originally titled the "Dewhurst Plate". It is named after Gee's Dewhurst Stud at Wadhurst. The first four winners all went on to win one or more of the next year's Classics.

The race was formerly staged during Newmarket's Champions' Day meeting in mid-October. It became part of a new fixture called Future Champions Day in 2011.

The Dewhurst Stakes was added to the Breeders' Cup Challenge series in 2011. The winner was given an automatic invitation to compete in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf. It was removed from the series in 2012.

The most recent winner of the Dewhurst Stakes to achieve a Classic victory is Churchill. He won the 2,000 Guineas in 2017.


Leading jockey (10 wins):

  • Lester PiggottCrepello (1956), Follow Suit (1962), Ribofilio (1968), Nijinsky (1969), Crowned Prince (1971), Cellini (1973), The Minstrel (1976), Try My Best (1977), Monteverdi (1979), Diesis (1982)

Leading trainer (8 wins):

  • John PorterParadox (1884), Ormonde (1885), Friar's Balsam (1887), Orme (1891), Matchbox (1893), Vesuvian (1896), Hawfinch (1897), Frontier (1898)
  • Frank ButtersToboggan (1927), Mrs Rustom (1933), Hairan (1934), Bala Hissar (1935), Sultan Mahomed (1936), Umiddad (1942), Paper Weight (1944), Migoli (1946)

Leading owner (8 wins):

  • HH Aga Khan IIISalmon-Trout (1923), Zionist (1924), Firdaussi (1931), Mrs Rustom (1933), Hairan (1934), Bala Hissar (1935), Umiddad (1942), Migoli (1946)


1875 the Mineral colt Charles Maidment Joseph Hayhoe Alexander Baltazzi
1876 Chamant Jem Goater Thomas Jennings Frederic de Lagrange
1877 Pilgrimage Harry Constable Joseph Cannon 4th Earl of Lonsdale
1878 Wheel of Fortune Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 6th Viscount Falmouth
1879 Grace Cup Edward Rossiter C Blanton A C Barclay
1880 Bal Gal Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 6th Viscount Falmouth
1881 Dutch Oven Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 6th Viscount Falmouth
1882 Ladislas Hampton Tom Jennings, Jr. C J Lefevre
1883 Queen Adelaide‡ Fred Webb J Jewitt Sir J Willoughby
1884 the Casuistry colt Fred Archer John Porter William Broderick Cloete
1885 Ormonde Fred Archer John Porter 1st Duke of Westminster
1886 Reve d'Or Charles Wood Alec Taylor Sr. 8th Duke of Beaufort
1887 Friar's Balsam Tom Cannon Sr. John Porter Sir Frederick Johnstone
1888 Donovan Fred Barrett George Dawson 6th Duke of Portland
1889 Le Nord Fred Barrett Alfred Hayhoe Leopold de Rothschild
1890 Corstorphine Fred Rickaby, Sr. Mathew Dawson 5th Earl of Rosebery
1891 Orme George Barrett John Porter 1st Duke of Westminster
1892 Meddler Mornington Cannon Joseph Cannon George Alexander Baird
1893 Matchbox Mornington Cannon John Porter Lord Alington
1894 Raconteur Tommy Loates J Jewitt Harry McCalmont
1895 St Frusquin Fred Pratt Alfred Hayhoe Leopold de Rothschild
1896 Vesuvian Mornington Cannon John Porter Sir Frederick Johnstone
1897 Hawfinch Sam Loates John Porter Horatio Bottomley
1898 Frontier Mornington Cannon John Porter 1st Duke of Westminster
1899 Democrat Tod Sloan J Huggins Lord William Beresford
1900 Lord Bobs Sam Loates William Waugh John Blundell Maple
1901 Game Chick Johnny Reiff J Huggins Eustace Loder
1902 Rock Sand Danny Maher George Blackwell Sir James Miller
1903 Henry the First Otto Madden A Gilbert J Musker
1904 Rouge Croix Frank Bullock J E Brewer R H Henning
1905 Picton William Higgs G Edwards James Lionel Dugdale
1906 My Pet Otto Madden Dawson Waugh Walter Raphael
1907 Rhodora Billy Bullock Fred McCabe Richard Croker
1908 Bayardo Danny Maher Alec Taylor Jr. Alfred W. Cox
1909 Lemberg Danny Maher Alec Taylor Jr. Alfred W. Cox
King William
Frank Wootton
Danny Maher
George Lambton
Alec Taylor Jr.
17th Earl of Derby
Alfred W. Cox
1911 White Star Frank Wootton Charles Morton Jack Barnato Joel
1912 Louvois W Saxby Dawson Waugh Walter Raphael
1913 Kennymore Albert Whalley Alec Taylor Jr. Sir John Thursby
1914 Let Fly Steve Donoghue Jack Robinson William Hall Walker
1915 Atheling Frank Bullock Dick Dawson Edward Hulton
1916 Telephus Steve Donoghue Alec Taylor Jr. Alfred W. Cox
1917 My Dear Steve Donoghue Alec Taylor Jr. Alfred W. Cox
1918 Knight of Blyth Albert Whalley Felix Leach F Willey
1919 Prince Galahad Brownie Carslake Atty Persse L Robinson
1920 no race
1921 Lembach Frank Bullock Reg Day E Moore
1922 Hurry Off Brownie Carslake Atty Persse 2nd Duke of Westminster
1923 Salmon-Trout G Hulme Dick Dawson Aga Khan III
1924 Zionist Vic Smyth Dick Dawson Aga Khan III
1925 Review Order Harry Beasley Atty Persse Lord Barnby
1926 Money Maker Charlie Elliott Lord George Dundas Mrs C Beatty
1927 Toboggan Tommy Weston Frank Butters 17th Earl of Derby
1928 Brienz R A Jones Joseph Lawson Somerville Tattersall
1929 Grace Dalrymple‡ Freddie Fox Fred Darling Lord Dewar
1930 Sangre Harry Beasley Atty Persse W Chanler
1931 Firdaussi Michael Beary Dick Dawson Aga Khan III
1932 Hyperion Tommy Weston George Lambton 17th Earl of Derby
1933 Mrs Rustom‡ Michael Beary Frank Butters Aga Khan III
1934 Hairan Freddie Fox Frank Butters Aga Khan III
1935 Bala Hissar Charlie Smirke Frank Butters Aga Khan III
1936 Sultan Mohamed Gordon Richards Frank Butters Aly Khan
1937 Manorite Eph Smith Peter Thrale D Kennedy
1938 Casanova Patrick Beasley Cecil Boyd-Rochfort Zia Wernher
1939 no race [b]
1940 Fettes Gordon Richards Fred Darling R Macdonald-Buchanan
1941 Canyonero T Carey Walter Nightingall F Bezner
1942 Umiddad Doug Smith Frank Butters Aga Khan III
1943 Effervescence Gordon Richards Jack Colling M Hartigan
1944 Paper Weight Arthur Wragg Frank Butters Alfred Butt
1945 Hypericum Doug Smith Cecil Boyd-Rochfort King George VI
1946 Migoli Gordon Richards Frank Butters Aga Khan III
1947 Pride of India Joe Sime J E Watts Jim Joel
1948 Royal Forest Gordon Richards Noel Murless R Macdonald-Buchanan
1949 Emperor Charlie Elliott Charles Semblat Marcel Boussac
1950 Turco Harry Carr Cecil Boyd-Rochfort William Woodward Sr.
1951 Marsyad Rae Johnstone Charles Semblat Marcel Boussac
1952 Pinza Gordon Richards Norman Bertie Victor Sassoon
1953 Infatuation Ken Gethin Vic Smyth Sir M McAlpine
1954 My Smokey Doug Smith Jack Watts Mrs D Robinson
1955 Dacian Bill Snaith Harry Cottrill Lionel Brook Holliday
1956 Crepello Lester Piggott Noel Murless Victor Sassoon
1957 Torbella Scobie Breasley W Clout Comte de Chambure
1958 Billum Eddie Hide Charles Elsey W Humble
1959 Ancient Lights Eph Smith Ted Leader Jim Joel
1960 Bounteous Joe Sime Patrick Beasley Mrs H Leggatt
1961 River Chanter Joe Mercer George Todd R Sigtia
1962 Follow Suit Lester Piggott Noel Murless Giles Loder
1963 King's Lane Joe Sime Samuel Hall L Chamberlain
1964 Silly Season Geoff Lewis Ian Balding Paul Mellon
1965 Pretendre Ron Hutchinson Jack Jarvis Claude Lilley
1966 Dart Board Doug Smith Gordon Richards Michael Sobell
1967 Hametus Frankie Durr Walter Nightingall Lady Beaverbrook
1968 Ribofilio Lester Piggott Fulke Johnson Houghton Charles Engelhard 1:32.10
1969 Nijinsky Lester Piggott Vincent O'Brien Charles Engelhard 1:29.90
1970 Mill Reef Geoff Lewis Ian Balding Paul Mellon 1:30.10
1971 Crowned Prince Lester Piggott Bernard van Cutsem Frank McMahon 1:29.40
1972 Lunchtime Pat Eddery Peter Walwyn R. Poole 1:29.00
1973 Cellini Lester Piggott Vincent O'Brien Charles St George 1:29.90
1974 Grundy Pat Eddery Peter Walwyn Carlo Vittadini 1:33.67
1975 Wollow Gianfranco Dettori Henry Cecil Carlo d'Alessio 1:25.83
1976 The Minstrel Lester Piggott Vincent O'Brien Robert Sangster 1:28.30
1977 Try My Best Lester Piggott Vincent O'Brien Robert Sangster 1:28.70
1978 Tromos Kipper Lynch Bruce Hobbs George Cambanis
1979 Monteverdi Lester Piggott Vincent O'Brien Robert Sangster 1:26.50
1980 Storm Bird Pat Eddery Vincent O'Brien Robert Sangster 1:29.19
1981 Wind and Wuthering Philip Waldron Henry Candy Richard & Charles Cyzer 1:26.81
1982 Diesis Lester Piggott Henry Cecil Lord Howard de Walden 1:27.46
1983 El Gran Senor Pat Eddery Vincent O'Brien Robert Sangster 1:24.90
1984 Kala Dancer Geoff Baxter Ben Hanbury Ravi Tikkoo 1:27.68
1985 Huntingdale Michael Hills Jeremy Hindley Mrs P. J. Threlfall 1:26.15
1986 Ajdal Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute Sheikh Mohammed 1:28.99
1987 no race [c]
Prince of Dance
Willie Carson
Michael Hills
Neil Graham
Barry Hills
Michael Sobell
Sheikh Mohammed
1989 Dashing Blade John Matthias Ian Balding Jeff Smith 1:25.43
1990 Generous Richard Quinn Paul Cole Fahd Salman 1:28.43
1991 Dr Devious Willie Carson Peter Chapple-Hyam Luciano Gaucci 1:23.45
1992 Zafonic Pat Eddery André Fabre Khalid Abdullah 1:23.61
1993 Grand Lodge Pat Eddery William Jarvis Lord Howard de Walden 1:28.27
1994 Pennekamp Thierry Jarnet André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 1:25.41
1995 Alhaarth Willie Carson Dick Hern Hamdan Al Maktoum 1:24.64
1996 In Command Michael Hills Barry Hills Maktoum Al Maktoum 1:25.93
1997 Xaar Olivier Peslier André Fabre Khalid Abdullah 1:24.81
1998 Mujahid Richard Hills John Dunlop Hamdan Al Maktoum 1:25.31
1999 Distant Music Michael Hills Barry Hills Khalid Abdullah 1:26.84
2000 Tobougg Craig Williams Mick Channon Ahmed Al Maktoum 1:27.93
2001 Rock of Gibraltar Michael Kinane Aidan O'Brien Ferguson / Magnier 1:28.70
2002 Tout Seul Stephen Carson Fulke Johnson Houghton Eden Racing 1:23.39
2003 Milk It Mick Darryll Holland Jamie Osborne Paul Dixon 1:25.22
2004 Shamardal Kevin Darley Mark Johnston Gainsborough Stud 1:27.16
2005 Sir Percy Martin Dwyer Marcus Tregoning Anthony Pakenham 1:26.52
2006 Teofilo Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Jackie Bolger 1:26.12
2007 New Approach Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Bolger / Sheikh Moh'd 1:25.29
2008 Intense Focus Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Jackie Bolger 1:23.33
2009 Beethoven Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Smith / Magnier 1:23.49
2010 Frankel Tom Queally Henry Cecil Khalid Abdullah 1:25.73
2011 Parish Hall Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Jackie Bolger 1:23.81
2012 Dawn Approach Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Godolphin 1:24.00
2013 War Command Joseph O'Brien Aidan O'Brien Allen / Tabor / Smith / Magnier 1:25.06
2014 Belardo Andrea Atzeni Roger Varian Prince A. A. Faisal 1:27.31
2015 Air Force Blue Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Smith / Magnier 1:25.34
2016 Churchill Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Smith / Magnier 1:23.80
2017 U S Navy Flag Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Smith / Magnier 1:22.37
2018 Too Darn Hot Frankie Dettori John Gosden Andrew Lloyd Webber 1:24.35
2019 Pinatubo William Buick Charlie Appleby Godolphin 1:26.55
2020 St Mark's Basilica Frankie Dettori Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Smith / Magnier 1:25.24

A designates a filly.

  1. ^ a b The 1910 and 1988 races were dead-heats
  2. ^ The 1939 race was cancelled due to the outbreak of World War II
  3. ^ The 1987 running was cancelled because of extreme winds and structural damage

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