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Developer Craig Bamford and the DexOS community
Written in assembly language (FASM)
Source model Open source
Latest release 6.0 / 12 May 2012; 5 years ago (2012-05-12)
Available in English
Platforms 32-bit x86 ARM architecture
Kernel type Monolithic
Default user interface CLI, GUI
Official website

DexOS is a 32-bit operating system written in x86 assembly. It is designed for coders that want direct access to all hardware (including CPU and graphics), with well-commented code and documentation. It's licensed under a free to use license for commercial and non-commercial use. It is written and maintained by Craig Bamford and other voluntary developers from around the world. DexOS website has been shut down due to account reasons.[1]


DexOS has two modes for interaction: the graphical user interface GUI or the command line interface, both of which are available to user from boot.


As of version 5.0, DexOS has: a FASM port, text editor, image viewer, full TCP/IP stack, many games, a web server and support for some sound and ethernet cards, and other programs.

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