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This article is about the company formed by the 2013 merger of SuperMedia LLC and Dex One Corporation. For the former subsidiary of Dex One, see Dex Media (Dex One).
Dex Media, Inc.
Industry Media
Founded 2013
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, United States
Key people
Joe Walsh (CEO)

Dex Media, Inc. is a print and digital marketing company that was created by the 2013 merger of SuperMedia and Dex One.[1] The merger, announced on August 21, 2012,[2] was completed on April 30, 2013.[3] Dex Media previously traded on NASDAQ under the symbol DXM.[3]

Dex Media began as a phone book publisher.[1] In 2014 the company published over 1,700 directories, both yellow and white pages.[4] By 2016 it worked with yellow pages, print and online, and search tools for businesses.[1]

On May 16, 2016 Dex Media filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, its third bankruptcy in less than ten years.[1][5][6] The company had been hurt by the transition from print publishing to the Internet.[4] The company announced it had emerged from bankruptcy on August 1, 2016 as a private company.[7][8]

With the increasing transition to digital, mobile and online search,[9] Dex Media provides local businesses a host of marketing solutions[10] to drive customers to client sites.[9] It has fostered partnerships with many of the key players in the marketing industry, combining advertising with local knowledge to provide a suite of technology, products, and tools. This extensive partnership network currently includes being a Google Premier Partner, Yahoo Preferred Partner, an MSN Elite Bing Ads Partner, and various others including Facebook, yp, yext, and more.[11]

Dex Media is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with regional offices in Bristol, TN, Buffalo, NY, Greenwood Village, CO, Overland Park, KS, Santa Monica, CA, St. Petersburg, FL, and Waltham, MA.,[12] and has over 3,000 employees.[9]

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