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Dexterity Software was a computer game company founded in 1994 in Los Angeles by Steve Pavlina. It began as a traditional retail game developer, but later changed to a shareware model. In 2004 Dexterity Software relocated to Las Vegas. The company ceased operations in late 2006.


Dexterity published over a dozen games including Dweep and Dweep Gold.


The Dexterity Software website also hosted a number of articles relevant to software developers such as

  • If No Independent Developers Are 100 Times Smarter Than You, Then Why Do Some Get 100 Times the Results?; and
  • If You've Tried Everything Imaginable And Your Product Still Won't Sell, Here's What You're Missing.

The significance of these articles was recognised by the Association of Shareware Professionals who listed Steve Pavlina on their Hall of Fame page,[1] noting that he had had "a significant, lasting influence on others via his articles and postings."


Dexterity Software closed on October 31, 2006 when the founder Steve Pavlina retired from game development to focus on a personal development web site and blog,[2]


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