Dezadeash Range

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Dezadeash Range
Highest point
Coordinates 60°41′27″N 136°55′14″W / 60.69083°N 136.92056°W / 60.69083; -136.92056Coordinates: 60°41′27″N 136°55′14″W / 60.69083°N 136.92056°W / 60.69083; -136.92056
Country Canada
State/Province Yukon
Parent range Boundary Ranges/Yukon Plateau

The Dezadeash Range is a mountain range in southern Yukon, Canada, located east of Haines Junction and south of the Alaska Highway. It has an area of 1,005 km2 (388 sq mi) and its appearance has a triangular shape. Although it can be considered to lie within the northern Boundary Ranges of the Coast Mountains, the Canadian Government consider the Dezadeash Range as part of the Yukon Plateau.[1]

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