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The Heavenly King Jikoku.

Dhṛtarāṣṭra (Sanskrit: धृतराष्ट्र, Sinhala දෘතරාෂ්ට, simplified Chinese: 持国天王; traditional Chinese: 持國天王; pinyin: Chíguó Tiānwáng, Japanese; 持国天 Jikoku, Vietnamese: 持國天王 Trì Quốc Thiên Vương) refers to a figure in Buddhist mythology, one of the Four Heavenly Kings.[1] He is part of the pantheon of Esoteric Buddhism.

His name means "He who maintains the state" or “Watcher of the Lands”, and he is the guardian of the east.


  1. ^ Michael Ashkenazi (2003). Handbook of Japanese mythology, ABC-CLIO. ISBN 1-57607-467-6 "Dhrtarastra carries a trident and rests his foot on the head of a demon. He is the defender of the East" (p. 53)

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