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Aksara nglegena Aksara pasangan
Javanese script
Latin orthography dha
Phoneme [ḍ]
Unicode U+A99D

is one of syllable in Javanese script that represent the sound /d̪ʱɔ/, /d̪ʱa/. It is transliterated to Latin as "dha", and sometimes in Indonesian orthography as "dho". It has another form (pasangan), which is ◌꧀ꦝ, but represented by a single Unicode code point, U+A99D.[1][2][3]


It's pasangan form ◌꧀ꦝ, is located on the bottom side of the previous syllable.


The letter ꦝ has a murda form, which is .


Nglegena forms Pasangan forms
 dha ꦝꦃ dhah ꦝꦁ dhang ꦝꦂ dhar ◌꧀ꦝ -dha ◌꧀ꦝꦃ -dhah ◌꧀ꦝꦁ -dhang ◌꧀ꦝꦂ -dhar
ꦝꦺ dhe ꦝꦺꦃ dheh ꦝꦺꦁ dheng ꦝꦺꦂ dher ◌꧀ꦝꦺ -dhe ◌꧀ꦝꦺꦃ -dheh ◌꧀ꦝꦺꦁ -dheng ◌꧀ꦝꦺꦂ -dher
ꦝꦼ dhê ꦝꦼꦃ dhêh ꦝꦼꦁ dhêng ꦝꦼꦂ dhêr ◌꧀ꦝꦼ -dhê ◌꧀ꦝꦼꦃ -dhêh ◌꧀ꦝꦼꦁ -dhêng ◌꧀ꦝꦼꦂ -dhêr
ꦝꦶ dhi ꦝꦶꦃ dhih ꦝꦶꦁ dhing ꦝꦶꦂ dhir ◌꧀ꦝꦶ -dhi ◌꧀ꦝꦶꦃ -dhih ◌꧀ꦝꦶꦁ -dhing ◌꧀ꦝꦶꦂ -dhir
ꦝꦺꦴ dho ꦝꦺꦴꦃ dhoh ꦝꦺꦴꦁ dhong ꦝꦺꦴꦂ dhor ◌꧀ꦝꦺꦴ -dho ◌꧀ꦝꦺꦴꦃ -dhoh ◌꧀ꦝꦺꦴꦁ -dhong ◌꧀ꦝꦺꦴꦂ -dhor
ꦝꦸ dhu ꦝꦸꦃ dhuh ꦝꦸꦁ dhung ꦝꦸꦂ dhur ◌꧀ꦝꦸ -dhu ◌꧀ꦝꦸꦃ -dhuh ◌꧀ꦝꦸꦁ -dhung ◌꧀ꦝꦸꦂ -dhur
ꦝꦿ dhra ꦝꦿꦃ dhrah ꦝꦿꦁ dhrang ꦝꦿꦂ dhrar ◌꧀ꦝꦿ -dhra ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦃ -dhrah ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦁ -dhrang ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦂ -dhrar
ꦝꦿꦺ dhre ꦝꦿꦺꦃ dhreh ꦝꦿꦺꦁ dhreng ꦝꦿꦺꦂ dhrer ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦺ -dhre ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦺꦃ -dhreh ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦺꦁ -dhreng ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦺꦂ -dhrer
ꦝꦽ dhrê ꦝꦽꦃ dhrêh ꦝꦽꦁ dhrêng ꦝꦽꦂ dhrêr ◌꧀ꦝꦽ -dhrê ◌꧀ꦝꦽꦃ -dhrêh ◌꧀ꦝꦽꦁ -dhrêng ◌꧀ꦝꦽꦂ -dhrêr
ꦝꦿꦶ dhri ꦝꦿꦶꦃ dhrih ꦝꦿꦶꦁ dhring ꦝꦿꦶꦂ dhrir ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦶ -dhri ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦶꦃ -dhrih ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦶꦁ -dhring ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦶꦂ -dhrir
ꦝꦿꦺꦴ dhro ꦝꦿꦺꦴꦃ dhroh ꦝꦿꦺꦴꦁ dhrong ꦝꦿꦺꦴꦂ dhror ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦺꦴ -dhro ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦺꦴꦃ -dhroh ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦺꦴꦁ -dhrong ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦺꦴꦂ -dhror
ꦝꦿꦸ dhru ꦝꦿꦸꦃ dhruh ꦝꦿꦸꦁ dhrung ꦝꦿꦸꦂ dhrur ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦸ -dhru ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦸꦃ -dhruh ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦸꦁ -dhrung ◌꧀ꦝꦿꦸꦂ -dhrur
ꦝꦾ dhya ꦝꦾꦃ dhyah ꦝꦾꦁ dhyang ꦝꦾꦂ dhyar ◌꧀ꦝꦾ -dhya ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦃ -dhyah ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦁ -dhyang ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦂ -dhyar
ꦝꦾꦺ dhye ꦝꦾꦺꦃ dhyeh ꦝꦾꦺꦁ dhyeng ꦝꦾꦺꦂ dhyer ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦺ -dhye ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦺꦃ -dhyeh ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦺꦁ -dhyeng ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦺꦂ -dhyer
ꦝꦾꦼ dhyê ꦝꦾꦼꦃ dhyêh ꦝꦾꦼꦁ dhyêng ꦝꦾꦼꦂ dhyêr ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦼ -dhyê ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦼꦃ -dhyêh ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦼꦁ -dhyêng ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦼꦂ -dhyêr
ꦝꦾꦶ dhyi ꦝꦾꦶꦃ dhyih ꦝꦾꦶꦁ dhying ꦝꦾꦶꦂ dhyir ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦶ -dhyi ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦶꦃ -dhyih ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦶꦁ -dhying ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦶꦂ -dhyir
ꦝꦾꦺꦴ dhyo ꦝꦾꦺꦴꦃ dhyoh ꦝꦾꦺꦴꦁ dhyong ꦝꦾꦺꦴꦂ dhyor ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦺꦴ -dhyo ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦺꦴꦃ -dhyoh ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦺꦴꦁ -dhyong ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦺꦴꦂ -dhyor
ꦝꦾꦸ dhyu ꦝꦾꦸꦃ dhyuh ꦝꦾꦸꦁ dhyung ꦝꦾꦸꦂ dhyur ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦸ -dhyu ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦸꦃ -dhyuh ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦸꦁ -dhyung ◌꧀ꦝꦾꦸꦂ -dhyur


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Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+A9Bx ꦿ
1.^ As of Unicode version 9.0
2.^ Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points