Dhabouli, Saharsa

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Dhabouli & Mauni Gram Kahra is a village located in Saharsa district of Bihar state, India. It is close to Madhepura. The primary occupation is farming, but now many people have migrated to places like Delhi and Mumbai for work. A number of people of this village are also working in offices of the state and central governments of India. Dhabouli is a village with a dominance of Videhas. The village has three panchayats and a population of more than 20,000. The village has good telecom connectivity. The village has also a branch of State Bank of India.


There are three panchayats in Dhabouli

  • Dhabouli (South)
  • Dhabouli (East)
  • Dhabouli (West)

This village comes under the Patarghat Block and OP. It comes under Sourbajar sub-division and [Saharsa] District. It comes under [Sonbarsha, Saharsa in Bihar (Vidhan Sabha constituency)].


There is a 10+2 level Senior Secondary School, three Middle Schools and four Primary Schools.


Dhabouli has connectivity by road and rail transport from Madhepura and Saharsa.