Dhahab River

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Dhahab River or Dhahab Valley (Arabic: نهر الذهب or وادي الذهبGold River or Gold Valley), also in medieval times known as Buṭnān Valley (Arabic: وادي بطنان‎), is an intermittent river in northern Syria.

The river is located on the Aleppo plateau in the eastern part of Aleppo Governorate, 30 km east of Aleppo. It drains the heights north of Bāb and runs from north to south for about 50 km before terminating at Lake Jabboul.

Two dams have been constructed on the river, the ʼUm-Julūd Dam and Shabāʼ Dam. Recently water from the Euphrates is being diverted to the river to enhance irrigation in the valley. The most important towns in the valley are Bāb, Bzāʻā and Tādif.