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National Highway 1 shield}}

National Highway 1
Dhaka–Chittagong Highway
Route information
Length: 287.1 km[1] (178.4 mi)
Major junctions
Dhaka end: Saidabad Connecting with Jatrabari Flyover
To: Teknaf , Cox's Bazar
Highway system

Roads in Bangladesh

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The N1 is a main transportation artery in Bangladesh, between Dhaka and Teknaf Upazila. The road links the country's two largest cities, Dhaka and Chittagong and also touches Comilla and Feni. The highway is known along various stretches as the Dhaka–Chittagong Highway, the Chittagong–Cox's Bazar Highway and the Cox's Bazar–Teknaf Highway. The Dhaka–Chittagong stretch is the busiest road in the country.

Currently, it is limited to two lanes of traffic for most of its length. However, Roads and Highways Department (RHD) of the Ministry of Communication, is expanding the Dhaka–Chittagong stretch to four lanes. The target to finish the project by December 2013, however implementation remains slow.[2] The highway forms a critical component of the proposed Asian Highway and the Central-South-East Asian economic corridor, including initiatives such as BCIM and the New Silk Road. It therefore requires a vast development and expansion program to accommodate regional demand for the use of Chittagong Port and Bangladeshi transport networks.

Four laning project[edit]

In January 2010, physical work of the aforesaid project begun. As of March 2013 only 23.5 per cent of work has been completed, which makes it unlikely to meet its December 2013 deadline. 221 culverts, 22 bridges and three flyovers are also being constructed under the project.[3] Reza Construction Ltd. and Sino Hydro have set temporary camps for this purpose respectively near Daudkandi and Chandina.[1]

Packages of Four laning project[edit]

  1. Contract-1 : Daudkandi Toll Plaza to Kutumbpur (Km 39+267.00 to km 61+267.00)
  2. Contract-2 : KutumbIpur to Start of Comilla Bypass (Km 61+267.00 to km 84+267.00)
  3. Contract-3 : Start of Comilla Bypass to End of Comilla Bypass (km 84+267.00 to km 105+267.00)
  4. Contract-4 : End of Comilla Bypass to Batisha (km 105+267,00 to km 125+267.00)
  5. Contract-5 : Batisha to Mohipal (km 125+267.00 to km 145+267.00)
  6. Contract-6 : Mohipal to Start of Dhum Ghat Bridge (km 145+267.00 to km 165+183.00)
  7. Contract-7 : Start of Dhurn Ghat Bridge to Mirersarai Bazar (km 165+183.00to km 180+850.00)
  8. Contract-8 : Mirersarai Bazar to Panchashila Bazar (km 180+850.00 to km 198+850.00)
  9. Contract-9 : Panchashila Bazar to End of Kumira Bypass (km 198+850.0 to km 216+850.00)
  10. Contract-10 : End of Kumira Bypass to Alanker Cinema Hall (Chittagong) (km 216+850.00 to km 233+290.00).[4]

N1 in Comilla[edit]

The Comilla stretch of N1 starts from the bridge on the Meghna River that forms the border with Munsiganj. N1 runs for 97 km in the district and then enters Feni


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