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Dhaka Cantonment (Bengali: ঢাকা সেনানিবাস) is a cantonment located in the northern part of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The headquarters of the Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force are situated within this cantonment. The Cantonment is located on the north-east end of the Dhaka metropolis.


  • Army Headquarters (AHQ)[1]
  • Air Headquarters
  • Naval Headquarters
  • Directorate General Forces Intelligence Headquarter (HQ DGFI)
  • Dhaka Cantonment Railway Station
  • Dhaka Cantonment Sub Post office
  • Combined Military Hospital (CMH)
  • Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB)
  • Dhaka Cantonment Police Station

Bangladesh Army formations[edit]

  • 6th Air defense Artillery Brigade
  • 46th Infantry Brigade
  • Logistics Area Command Headquarters
  • Independent President's Guards Regiment
  • Station Command Headquarters

Areas under the Defense Officers Housing Schemes (DOHS) also fall under the Dhaka Cantonment Area.

Educational institutions[edit]


Coordinates: 23°49′42″N 90°23′20″W / 23.828240°N 90.388962°W / 23.828240; -90.388962