Dhalapathar Parda & Fabrics

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Dhalapathar Parda & Fabrics
Geographical indication
Alternative namesDhalapathara Parada
AreaDhalapathar, Bolagarh, Odisha

Parada Art has registered under geographically identification (GI) by the government of India.[1] The Handicraft belongs to Dhalapathara Village of Bolagarh, Khurda district. Swed in hand made spinning machine by using Natural colour in thread. Ganesha Pujari invented and Udayanath Sahu designed the Craft.


sewing saree, gamuchha is a traditional profession of every house hold of Dhalapathar village. All members in family get involve in this work.


Pictures are drawn on a screen according to a graph.the fabrics were cloloued using natural colours from bark of mango, jamun etc. for long lasting of colours. The standardise length of a screen is appx 6'×4'.sometimes it takes more than a month to make one screen.[2]


the business of parada fabric was at top peak in the year 1930. selling price per piece was 150 to 250 INR at that time. during various festivals, ceremonies, this was the first choice in fashion. the business was also touched many parts of India at a time including capital delhi.


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