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Dhanbad Junction
Indian Railway Station
Dhanbad Junction
Location Station Road, Dhanbad, Dhanbad district, Jharkhand
Coordinates 23°47′32″N 86°25′42″E / 23.7922°N 86.4283°E / 23.7922; 86.4283Coordinates: 23°47′32″N 86°25′42″E / 23.7922°N 86.4283°E / 23.7922; 86.4283
Elevation 235.00 metres (771.00 ft)
Owned by Government of India
Operated by Indian Railways
Line(s) Asansol-Gaya section of Grand Chord, Howrah-Gaya-Delhi line , Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai line, Dhanbad- Singrauli line, Dhanbad-Bhojudih-Adra Line
Platforms 9(Platforms 1A,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
Tracks 11
Parking Available
Other information
Status Operational
Station code DHN
Zone(s) East Central Railway
Division(s) Dhanbad Division
Opened 1880
Rebuilt 1956
Electrified 1960-61
Previous names Dhanbad
Passengers 100,000+
Dhanbad Junction railway station is located in Jharkhand
Dhanbad Junction railway station
Dhanbad Junction railway station
Location in Jharkhand

Jharia Coalfield rail network
to Bokaro and Barkakana 
 to Asansol-Gaya section of Grand Chord
 Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Gomoh
 Nichitpur Halt
to Talgora
Adra-Netaji SC Bose
Gomoh branch line
18 Sonardih
00 Dhanbad
07 Jharia
09 Lodna
16 Pathardih
to Bhojudih
Adra-Netaji SC Bose
Gomoh branch line
10 Pradhankhanta
 to Asansol-Gaya section of Grand Chord
Grand Chord
 Gaya-Mughalsarai section 
to Mughalsarai–Kanpur section
of Howrah-Delhi main line
and Howrah-Gaya-Delhi line
to Sitarampur
via Howrah-Delhi main line
Chandauli Majhwar
Karmanasa River
Uttar Pradesh
Bhabua Road
Nehru Setu bridge
across Son River
Son Nagar
to Barkakana
Anugrah Narayan Road
Gaya Junction
 Asansol-Gaya section 
Gaya Junction
Patna-Gaya line
Falgu River
Gaya-Kiul line
to Hazaribagh Town
to Giridih
Barakar River
Hazaribagh Road
NSC Bose Gomoh
to Bokaro Steel City
to Adra
Barakar River
West Bengal
to Mughalsarai
via Howrah-Delhi main line
to Asansol

Dhanbad Junction (Hindi: धनबाद जंक्शन) (Bengali: ধানবাদ জংশন), station code DHN, is a railway station of the Indian railway serving the city of Dhanbad, the headquarters of Dhanbad district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is the largest railway station in Jharkhand, handling over 100 trains and 100,000+ passengers everyday. Dhanbad is also is the headquarters of the Dhanbad Rail Division of the East Central Railway zone. Grand Chord rail-line that connects Howrah and New Delhi passes through Dhanbad junction. Dhanbad is located at 23°47′32″N 86°25′42″E / 23.79222°N 86.42833°E / 23.79222; 86.42833.[1] It has an elevation of 235 metres (771 ft).

One of the largest and busiest railway junctions, it is arguably the most important station on the Grand Chord. In fact Dhanbad is the junction at which the Grand Chord really diverges from the CIC section. CIC rail line starts from Dhanbad and ends at Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh. Besides the CIC section there is a direct line to Ranchi which goes through Bokaro and Chandrapura. Most trains bound for Ranchi take this route. Dhanbad has a rail connectivity with the other major parts of the country such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kochi, Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Nagpur, Pune, Guwahati, Jamshedpur, Daltonganj etc. Another rail line passing through the district, starts at Kharagpur and ends at Gomoh, this rail line comes under South Eastern Railway. Dhanbad is connected with most of the states through rail network. Every train passing through Dhanbad has a stop here.

There used to be another railway line from Dhanbad connecting it to Jharia and Pathardih. The line used to intersect the CIC section, requiring a Diamond Crossing. Now that the line has been dis-mantled, the Diamond Crossing is no longer operational. Previously when there were much less trains from Ranchi and adjoining areas, Dhanbad along with Tatanagar railway station served as the main railway stations for the entire state of Jharkhand.

Dhanbad Junction platformboard
12259 Sealdah - New Delhi Duronto Express at Dhanbad Junction


Mining-industry zone[edit]

"The entire belt between Durgapur (158 km from Howrah), and all the way up to Dhanbad and beyond is industrialized. Apart from factories, there are many coalmines, some closed now, and some with fires burning deep in the mineshafts. The mining area extends for a large area, mostly to the south of the tracks. Quite a portion of the track passes through cuttings, where the surrounding area is higher than the track level, resulting in the profusion of characteristic small masonry bridges crossing the tracks." This description is from "Gomoh loco shed and CLW trip record" by Samit Roychoudhury.[2]


The East Indian Railway Company extended its lines to Katrasgarh via Dhanbd in 1894.[3]

In the Jharia Coalfield rail network, amongst the major sections of EIR were the Dhanbad-Phularitand section (21.6 km) opened in 1894 to Katrasgarh and extended to Phularitand in 1924, and the Dhanbad-Pathardih section opened in 1903.[4]

New developments

In February 2012, The Indian Railways had planned to set up a Railway Station Development Corporation (RSDC) that will work on improving the major railway stations including Dhanbad Junction by building and developing Restaurants, shopping areas and food plaza for commercial business and improving passenger amenities[5]


The Kumardhubi-Dhanbad, Pradhankhanta-Pathardih and Dhanbad-Gomoh sectors were electrified in 1960-61.[6]


The station houses all the major facilities like waiting rooms, computerized reservation facility, dormitory, retiring rooms, cafeteria, bookshop, food plaza etc.[7] Existing facilities are being revamped for developing it as model station. The Railway station is a divisional headquarters of East Central Railway and houses a number of non-passenger related facilities like loco sheds, washing lines etc. in its premises.

escalator has been installed in platform 2 and 3 at the station. This proves to be of high help to the senior citizens and the handicapped.

External video
Video of Rajdhani Express from Dhanbad Junctionretrieved 8.03.2012

Transport and connectivity[edit]

Dhanbad station is very well connected by roadways. There is a bus stand just outside the railway station, where buses for nearby cities like Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Bokaro, Asansol and Durgapur are easily available.

Outside the station, there is a taxi stand wherein a lot of taxis are always available.

Dhanbad along with Ranchi and Jamshedpur were provided with buses under JNNURM scheme, for city transportation. These buses can be used for local transportation.

Autos remain the mainstay of civilian transport in the city. These autos can be used to travel throughout the length of the city, using very nominal fares.

Significance and importance in the region, as well to IR as a whole[edit]

Dhanbad Jn is a Category A1,[8] station as well as the divisional headquarters. It is the largest station in the adjoining area, and every train has a halt here. Lying centrally on the Grand Chord it is flanked by Gaya Junction on the Delhi side and Asansol railway station on the Howrah side. It is not uncommon to find long distance trains getting their locomotives and rakes (occasionally) changed here. All the Duronto Express passing through Dhanbad have a technical stoppage here. Due to shortage in spaces, Dhanbad does-not have any loco-shed at present. It used to have a steam loco shed earlier. It has a trip loco shed at its outer section, has its electric loco shed at Gomoh and its diesel loco shed at Patratu. Being the largest station in the area it finds a very heavy patronage and a huge number of passengers use this station everyday. A lot of people from adjoining districts like Bokaro, Koderma, Giridih come to Dhanbad early morning to catch the 'morning trains' to various destinations like Kolkata, Durgapur, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Patna, Burdwan and Gaya. Recently Dhanbad also became the 1st station in the country (along with Howrah) to have an AC double-decker express running in between them (see Howrah – Dhanbad Double Decker Express) though this train has been a rare failure plying through this route.

Howrah Dhanbad AC Double Decker Express

Dhanbad division is a mainstay of the Indian Railway, it is the highest revenue earning division in the IR. Its main revenue is from freight transportation. It is a major center for loading and unloading of coal.


Dhanbad Junction's location on the Delhi Kolkata Grand chord route, makes it served by numerous express and superfast trains from all over the country. Several electrified local passenger trains also run from Dhanbad to neighbouring destinations at regular intervals.

The Following is a sortable list of trains stopping at Dhanbad Junction (as on 1 April 2012)[9][10][11]

Trains at Dhanbad Junction
Train No. Train Name Train type Zone From Departure Time
18621 Patliputra Express Exp SER Patna Junction/PNBE 0:05
63551 Asansol Dhanbad Passenger MEMU MEMU ER Asansol Junction/ASN 0:20
18605 Ranchi-Jaynagar Express Exp SER Ranchi Junction/RNC 0:45
15661 Ranchi-Kamakhya Express Exp NFR Ranchi Junction/RNC 0:45
13404 Vananchal Express Exp ER Bhagalpur/BGP 0:53
23010 Doon Express Exp ER Kotdwara/KTW 1:10
13010 Doon Express Exp ER Dehradun/DDN 1:10
18604 Bhagalpur-Ranchi Express via kiul Exp SER Bhagalpur/BGP 1:13
13009 Doon Express Exp ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 1:25
13009-Slip Doon Express Slip Exp ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 1:25
12324 New Delhi-Howrah SF Express SF ER New Delhi/NDLS 1:50
3062 Mumbai CST - Howrah Summer Special Exp ER Mumbai CST/CSTM 1:50
12321 Howrah-Mumbai Mail SF ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 2:05
15028 Maurya Express Exp NER Gorakhpur Junction/GKP 2:35
12274 New Delhi-Howrah Duronto Express Drnt ER New Delhi/NDLS 2:36
12176 Chambal Express SF NCR Gwalior Junction/GWL 2:41
19305 Shipra Express Exp WR Indore Junction BG/INDB 2:41
12178 Chambal Express SF NCR Mathura Junction/MTJ 2:41
12938 Howrah Gandhidham Garbha Express SF WR Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 2:50
12496 Pratap Express SF NWR Kolkata Chitpur/KOAA 2:50
12307-Slip Howrah-Bikaner SF Express SF ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 3:05
12307 Howrah-Jodhpur SF Express SF ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 3:05
12312 Kalka Mail SF ER Kalka/KLK 3:15
12987 Sealdah Ajmer Express SF NWR Kolkata Sealdah/SDAH 3:20
18622 Patliputra Express Exp SER Hatia/HTE 3:25
17005 Hyderabad-Darbhanga Express Exp SCR Hyderabad Deccan Nampally/HYB 3:55
13308 Ganga Sutlej Express Exp ECR Firozpur Cantt./FZR 4:55
13330 Ganga Damodar Express Exp ECR Patna Junction/PNBE 5:20
18606 Jaynagar-Ranchi Express Exp SER Jaynagar/JYG 5:53
12314 New Delhi-Sealdah Rajdhani Express Raj ER New Delhi/NDLS 6:23
12302 New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Express Raj ER New Delhi/NDLS 6:40
12358 Amritsar - Kolkata Chitpur Biweekly SF ER Amritsar Junction/ASR 7:06
12250 New Delhi Howrah Yuva Express Yuva ER New Delhi/NDLS 7:06
12322 Mumbai-Howrah Mail SF ER Mumbai CST/CSTM 7:10
63542 Gomoh-Asansol MEMU MEMU ER Gomoh Junction/GMO 7:56
53521 ASANSOL VARANASI PASSENGER Pass ER Asansol Junction/ASN 8:00
13319 Baidyanthdham-Ranchi Express Exp ECR Baidyanathdham Deoghar/BDME 8:25
53342 Muri-Dhanbad Passenger Pass ECR Muri/MURI 8:50
12260 New Delhi-Sealdah AC Duronto Express Drnt ER New Delhi/NDLS 8:53
12941 Ahmedabad-Asansol (Weekly) SF Express SF WR Ahmedabad Junction/ADI 9:02
12937 Garbha Express SF WR Gandhidham Bg/GIMB 9:02
12495 Pratap Express SF NWR Bikaner Junction/BKN 9:02
12019 Howrah-Ranchi Shatabdi Express Shtb ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 9:22
18628 Ranchi-Howrah InterCity Express Exp SER Ranchi Junction/RNC 9:25
53323 Sindri Town Dhanbad Passenger Pass ECR Sindri Town/SNDT 9:35
63550 Koderma Dhanbad Passenger MEMU MEMU ER Koderma/KQR 9:45
15662 Kamakhya-Ranchi Express Exp NFR Kamakhya Junction/KYQ 10:15
13152 JammuTawi-Kolkata Chitpur Express Exp ER Jammu Tawi/JAT 10:23
13026 Bhopal-Howrah Express Exp ER Bhopal Junction/BPL 10:32
19606 Sare Jahan se Accha Express Exp NWR Ajmer Junction/AII 10:32
19608 Ajmer-Kolkata Express Exp NWR Ajmer Junction/AII 10:32
12832 Bhubaneswar-Dhanbad Garib Rath GR ECoR Bhubaneswar/BBS 10:45
53061 Barddhaman-Hatia Passenger Pass ER Barddhaman Junction/BWN 10:50
12988 Ajmer Sealdah Express SF NWR Ajmer Junction/AII 11:05
22388 Black Diamond Express SF ECR Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 16:25
12371 Howrah - Jaisalmer SF Express SF ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 11:58
3061 Howrah - Mumbai CST Summer Special Exp ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 11:58
12381 Poorva Express SF ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 11:58
11045 Deekshabhoomi Express Exp CR Shahu Maharaj Terminus/KOP 12:00
12372 Jaisalmer - Howrah SF Express SF ER Jaisalmer/JSM 12:08
12382 Poorva Express SF ER New Delhi/NDLS 12:08
12320 Agra Cantt-Kolkata Superfast Express SF ER Agra Cantt./AGC 12:35
3126 Delhi - Kolkata Weekly SF Summer Special SF ER Old Delhi/DLI 12:35
53325 Sindri Town Dhanbad Passenger Pass ECR Sindri Town/SNDT 12:35
12330 West Bengal Sampark Kranti Express SKr ER Old Delhi/DLI 12:35
12380 Amritsar-Sealdah Express SF ER Amritsar Junction/ASR 12:35
12385 Howrah - Dhanbad AC DD Express SF ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 12:45
13352 Alappuzha-Dhanbad Express Exp ECR Alappuzha/ALLP 13:15
68019 Jhargram Dhanbad Passenger MEMU SER Jhargram/JGM 13:55
63545 Asansol Dhanbad Passenger MEMU ER Asansol Junction/ASN 15:20
53062 Hatia Barddhaman Passenger Pass ER Hatia/HTE 15:30
53340 Chandrapura Dhanbad Passenger Pass ECR Chandrapura/CRP 15:35
53327 Sindri Town Gomoh Passenger Pass ECR Sindri Town/SNDT 16:00
12357 Kolkata-Amritsar Superfast Express SF ER Kolkata Chitpur/KOAA 16:10
12273 Howrah-New Delhi Duronto Express Drnt ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 16:10
17006 Darbhanga-Hyderabad Express Exp SCR Darbhanga Junction/DBG 16:30
13332 Patna Dhanbad Express Exp ECR Patna Junction/PNBE 16:30
13151 Kolkata Chitpur-JammuTawi Express Exp ER Kolkata Chitpur/KOAA 16:50
3125 Kolkata - Delhi Weekly SF Summer Special SF ER Kolkata Chitpur/KOAA 17:00
12379 Sealdah- Amritsar Exp Express SF ER Kolkata Sealdah/SDAH 17:10
12329 West Bengal Sampark Kranti SKr ER Kolkata Sealdah/SDAH 17:10
12319 Kolkata-Agra Cantt Superfast Express SF ER Kolkata Chitpur/KOAA 17:10
19605 Sare Jahan se Accha Weekly Express Exp NWR Kolkata Chitpur/KOAA 17:15
19607 Kolkata Ajmer Express Exp NWR Kolkata Chitpur/KOAA 17:15
13025 Howrah-Bhopal Express Exp ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 17:15
12020 Ranchi-Howrah Shatabdi Express Shtb ER Ranchi Junction/RNC 17:31
13320 Ranchi-Baidyanathdham Express Exp ECR Ranchi Junction/RNC 17:55
53321 ASANSOL DHANBAD PASS Pass ER Asansol Junction/ASN 18:00
53328 Gomoh Sindri Town Passenger Pass ECR Gomoh Junction/GMO 18:10
18627 Howrah-Ranchi InterCity Express Exp SER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 18:13
13302 Suvarna Rekha Express Exp ECR Tatanagar Junction/TATA 18:45
13403 Vananchal Express Exp ER Ranchi Junction/RNC 18:50
11448 Shaktipunj Express Exp WCR Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 18:58
53522 Varanasi-Asansol Passenger Pass ER Varanasi Junction/BSB 19:05
18603 Ranchi-Bhagalpur Express via Kiul Exp SER Ranchi Junction/RNC 19:18
63543 ASANSOL GOMOH PASS MEMU ER Asansol Junction/ASN 19:24
12301 Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express Raj ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 20:00
12313 Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express Raj ER Kolkata Sealdah/SDAH 20:20
12249 Howrah New Delhi Yuva Express Yuva ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 20:30
12942 Asansol Ahmedabad (Weekly) Parasnath Express SF WR Asansol Junction/ASN 20:43
53333 Sindri Town Dhanbad Passenger Pass ECR Sindri Town/SNDT 21:05
13306 Gaya-Dhanbad InterCity Exp ECR Gaya Junction/GAYA 21:20
53336 Ranchi Dhanbad Passenger Pass ECR Ranchi Junction/RNC 21:35
12339 Coalfield Express SF ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 21:40
63544 Gomoh Asansol Passenger MEMU MEMU ER Gomoh Junction/GMO 21:45
15027 Maurya Express Exp NER Hatia/HTE 21:50
12259 Sealdah-New Delhi AC Duronto Express Drnt ER Kolkata Sealdah/SDAH 22:00
19306 Shipra Express Exp WR Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 22:17
12175 Chambal Express SF NCR Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 22:17
12177 Chambal Express SF NCR Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 22:17
13304 Dhanbad InterCity Express Exp ECR Ranchi Junction/RNC 22:25
12323 Howrah-NewDelhi SF Express SF ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 22:40
58603 Kharagpur-Dhanbad Passenger Pass SER Kharagpur Junction/KGP 23:05
11447 Shaktipunj Express Exp WCR Jabalpur Junction/JBP 23:25
12311 Kalka Mail SF ER Kolkata Howrah Junction/HWH 23:30
22308 Bikaner-Howrah SF Express SF ER Bikaner Junction/BKN 23:40
12308 Jodhpur-Howrah SF Express SF ER Jodhpur Junction/JU 23:40

Nearest airports[edit]

The nearest airports to Dhanbad Junction are:[12]

  1. Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi 140 kilometres (87 mi)
  2. Gaya Airport 207 kilometres (129 mi)
  3. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata 269 kilometres (167 mi)
  4. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport, Patna 271 kilometres (168 mi)
  5. Dhanbad Airport comming soon, Dhanbad,Template:5km

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