Dhanish Semar

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Dhanish Semar
Residence New Zealand
Nationality India
Other names DiffTheEnder
Occupation Part-time professional writer and founder/CEO of Cloth5.com
Known for eSports writer, analyst

Dhanish Semar, more commonly known by his online alias DiffTheEnder is a co-founder of Cloth5.com and is credited with having a fanbase of over 100,000 League of Legends players for his multiple analyses of various aspects of the game. His articles are estimated to have garnered several million views.[1]


Dhanish's Semar career in eSports started off with a blog on Reign of Gaming hosted on the CLGaming.net website, where he launched his section named 'A DIFFerent View'.[2] "A DIFFerent View" has since grown into a blog with several writers.[3]

In his interview, Dhanish "DiffTheEnder" Semar has been quoted as saying that the origin of the name "A DIFFerent View" is a play on words; utilising his screen name 'DiffTheEnder' to highlight that his works are both unique in content and style and his own.

Dhanish is currently studying Software Engineering and has expressed interest in working with Riot Games in his future.

Notable Works[edit]

Zac Fly-By Smite Steals and YouTube[edit]

Dhanish is also host to a YouTube channel with several videos detailing mathematical analyses he has worked on. His most notable video is credited for pioneering a gameplay element in League of Legends called Fly-By Smiting.[4]


"Reign of Gaming" is a community website for League of Legends that is run under the direction of Dhanish. From his appointment as manager, the website has grown 200% and maintains a good standing in the League of Legends community as one of the leading news and content providers.[5][6]

C5 Network and Cloth5.com[edit]

One of Dhanish "DiffTheEnder" Semar's largest projects is the advent of a new website for League of Legends which was launched in July 2013.[7]

The premise of Cloth5.com is to produce and share the best in League of Legends news, blogs and eSport coverage.[8] The Cloth5 team currently consists of several notable figures which can be seen here.


For a period of a few months, Dhanish and 'A DIFFerent View' was sponsored by SteelSeries to be an evangelist for their products.[9]


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