Azadari Dhapri

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Qasim 7th Muharram In Dhapri Azadari

Dhapri is a small Village in Chandauli district his near City Mughalsarai the big hub of train Yard

Azakhana e imam e hussain dhapri chandauli

Azadari Dhapri[edit]

Azadari in dhapri is started in since 1700 to till Dhapri is well known for their Muharram Imam Hussain troops who fought the Battle of Karbala in Iraq

The Juloos- also have a following in Dhapri, dedicated to Imam Hussain

Very old Imam Bargah Imambargah Darbar-e-Hussaini Dhapri


The primary means of transportation are taxis, buses, and local rickshaws. Taxis are available at any time of the day, and the nearest bus station is the Pachferwa bus station. Dhapri Town is well connected by roads and rail to the surrounding big cities, such as Mughalsarai and Varanasi The Mughalsarai Railway Station is on the Allahabad–Kanpur route. Mail or express trains often stop at the Mughalsarai Railway Station. The preferred method of transport in Dhapri is road, with the national highway connecting Dhapri to Kolkata and Kanpur.


Mughal Sarai is on National Highway No. 2, which is known as Grand Trunk Road made by the emperor Sher Shah Suri. Sher Shah Suri had named this road as Sadak-e-Azam. In ancient times this road was known as Uttarapath. Jarasandh adopted this very route to attack Mathura under the Kingship of Lord Krishna. Mughalsarai is located 667 kilometres (414 mi) far from Kolkata by road.