Dharan clock tower

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Dharan clock tower
Clock Tower
Coordinates 26°48′41″N 87°17′7″E / 26.81139°N 87.28528°E / 26.81139; 87.28528Coordinates: 26°48′41″N 87°17′7″E / 26.81139°N 87.28528°E / 26.81139; 87.28528
Location Dharan, Nepal
Height 76.5 feet (23.3 m)
Opening date 1991
Dedicated to Earthquake Victim

Dharan Clock Tower (also known as Ghantaghar) is a tower and a distinct identity of Dharan, Nepal. It's constructed under the twenty-year plan of the city at the estimated cost of Rs. 5,639,000. It is at Dharan-6, Bhanuchowk.

The financial support is collected through The Dharan Hong Kong Manch, a forum of Nepalese Immigrants (most of the contributors from Dharan) to Hong Kong and Macao. The Amrit Nirman Sewa (Pvt.) Ltd., a local construction company, is building the Tower. The Tower is designed as the Clock Tower in Hon Kong. It will be 76.5 ft. high and at the height of 55 ft. a platform around the Tower will be made so that almost 50 people can view the city. At the north of the Tower a park will be made in memory of the earthquake victims who died in the 1988 earthquake that hit the city, reduced it to rubble and claimed almost 5000 city dwellers.

Awareness Meeting at the Earthquake Memorial 22 August 2007_Dharan