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Dharbandora is a taluka of Goa, India. It came into existence as a part of the South Goa district on 4 April 2012.[1] Five panchayats, Dharbandora, Kirlapal-Dabhal, Collem, Mollem and Sancorda from the Sanguem taluka were incorporated into the new taluka. The taluka at present has a population of 30,000 to 40,000 people. [2]

The sixteen villages that comprise the taluka are:[2]

  • Aglore,
  • Moissal,
  • Bandoli,
  • Codli,
  • Collem,
  • Caranzol,
  • Camarconda,
  • Cormonem,
  • Dharbandora,
  • Mollem,
  • Piliem,
  • Sancordem,
  • Sangod,
  • Sigao,
  • Sonauli,
  • Surla.

Ganjem and Usgao from Ponda taluka did not added to this tulka due to oppose, and the rest were from Sanguem taluka.[2]


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Rajesh Sadanand Gaonkar, Codli, Dabal, Goa.